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The theme of this week's photos is circles... and to be honest, it seems appropriate given that this week did feel a little like it was fully of cycles... not exactly going in circles, but a little bit of history repeating...

To start with, after I fell last week, I realised on Tuesday morning that I'd jammed up my elbow, like I did the last time I fell. Granted it took me four days to realise, but once I did I availed myself of the first free appointment at the chiro. To be honest, while I can get my back adjusted all day long, any time I need to have my elbows adjusted its... unsettling. Not that I think she's going to do me any injury, but it does feel as weird as all hell. But it also felt a hell of a lot better once she'd done it.

I also seemed to be coming down with some degree of stuffy sinus, itchy eye bullshit. Not a cold I don't believe, possibly just the continuation of this hayfever that's seemingly developed out of nowhere in the last few years. But I went to see a nice lady at the chemist and she recommended some lovely drugs, which seem to be assisting, at least a little.

The main reason that I really felt that things were on some kind of cyclical path was the fact that I found myself doing a number of things for other people that H-San had previously done for me... mostly reading emails before they were sent to ensure the harsh things you really want to say are appropriately watered down into work-speak.

It's weird... until the bruhaha last week, I didn't really think about the fact that Sugarmonkey, Rockchick and I are the senior staff... regardless of the fact that I come and go, and not really having anything to do with job levels. We've just been around the longest. I know that on an intellectual level... but I guess it's not something I tend to think about that much.

Beyond all that, there's not much to say about this week, except for the fact that I'm glad H-San is back and that the year is starting the slide towards it's end.

Today was a less interesting version of last week...

Although I did have one weird encounter... when I got to the supermarket, the woman who runs the framing shop was standing out there having her coffee and said to me "You're missing your mum" (as in she was missing, not that I was missing her)... now this is a woman we've seen maybe once or twice in similar scenarios.... it's not a store we frequent, but it does happen to be exactly opposite the supermarket. So clearly she's observed the double act that is Ma and I... although who knows how often or when. So yeah, a big serve of weird right there.

I had a brief interaction with her, explained a version of the scenario and went on my merry way.

Shopping was, you know, shopping. I bought, I think the correct term is, a metric fuckton of cheese... and a few other interesting bits and pieces... but mostly the usual stuff.

Then when I was coming back to the car, she was out there again... and said something along the lines of "did you get all the right stuff"... you know, comedy. I could have explained the actual situation, or even gone for the "this is mine, then I'm going to take her to get hers" scenario, but just went with "yes", because, really, how much does she really need to know.

It was generally a weird interaction... although it was nice that it closed the loop... see circles again.

I came back here, put everything away, then headed down to Ma's.

Unlike last week, she didn't need to do a supermarket run, so we just ended up going back to the "farmer's market" so she could pick up the fresh stuff she needed.

And that was really about it... we hung out for a bit and then I took myself home.

I think we're pretty much back to our regular schedule next week though... which is good, if only so we can do whatever we need to do for Christmas before we're actually in the thick of it.

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