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I really would like to start one of these by saying that my week wasn't somewhat trying... but alas, this is not the week or it.

At the very least because while we generally get around 10 job requests per day... sometimes less, sometimes more, but on Wednesday we had 22 requests. Granted some were simple jobs and some were one job via multiple requests... but I wasn't loving it. I did love it when we got the 27 unread emails in the jobs inbox down to 7 by the end of the following day.

There was also a little drama on Friday, which has been brewing for a couple of weeks now (not caused by or otherwise related to me, thankfully), but I missed all the fireworks because I was in the bathroom at the time. But it wasn't unexpected... and I'm both glad and disappointed that I missed it.

And thank all the fucks that H-San comes back on Monday, if only so that I can stop getting his calls through my phone.

It was also Haircut Night on Thursday, so thank fuck for that too. This haircut was pretty much the same as usual... although I did make a suggestion for the pre-Christmas haircut that Tink was very enthusiastic about... I just need to be brave enough to actually do it. And that's all the information I'm sharing until it happens (or doesn't, as the case may be).

Oh, and it hasn't taken all that long, but I'm kind of bored with salad... possibly because there's less flavour options than there was when I was making soup. And the individual elements don't always keep as well over the length of a week. But it's easier than coming up with other ideas at this stage.

Today was a little more hectic than I would have preferred... because Ma is still recovering from her surgery, I was shopping on my own this morning, and then when I was done (and had picked up the Doctor Who set from Lego Dimensions without any drama), and I'd unpacked everything and dicked around for a bit, I headed down to Ma's place to take her out to her shops.

We started off with the "farmer's market" near her place... neither of us have actually been before, and it wasn't super amazing, but Ma got the stuff she wanted, and I picked up a couple of bits and pieces... although I'll be honest, I forgot we were going, so I'd already bought most of the stuff I needed at the supermarket.

Then we headed to her shopping centre. Now I know that we go to our regular supermarket first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds, and when we do end up in other centres on a Saturday we generally don't go anywhere near the supermarkets... but holy crap. I will say that there was a lot of hot rough trade action, but also a lot of wow, just no.

But I survived.

And that was it really... we headed back to Ma's place, I hung around for a while and then headed back to my place. So very much the opposite of a normal weekend.

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