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First off, I need to declare 17 October as National Asshole Day.

Yeah, it's been one of those days.

But before I wind things back, I have a message for the Adelaide 2015 ITU Duathlon World Championship event organisers.

Fuck you. Fuck you in all possible interpretations and meanings of the phrase. You close off two of the three thoroughfares between North Adelaide in the city, you close off the whole of Wellington Square. You do all of this for two whole fucking days. And I was a grand total of twelve goddamn bikes. Yes, okay, there may have been more around 3pm, but seriously, if you need to close the square off for two complete days, then I expect to see a cavalcade, a plethora, in short, a shit-ton of cyclists going around the square for the entire period.

Otherwise, as I previously stated, fuck you. And you can take your sporting event and shove it where the proverbial doesn't shine.

Okay, I feel better now.

This week has been... long. The weather didn't particularly help, going from cool to hot to cool again.

Work was at times completely insane... I had a meeting on Tuesday that I thought was going to be a simple discussion about one thing, but turned out to be a lot more work, which then ate up the majority of my Friday. And the fact that H-San hasn't been in had meant that I've been fielding a bunch of things I would normally have bumped up the chain to him. Or at the very least I would have discussed them with him and gotten his take on them before doing anything.

Thursday was Haircut Day, and it was about time because there was an extra week between cuts so I was feeling a little shaggy and unkempt.

It didn't perhaps run as smoothly as a normal haircut because Tink Jr had a bit of a meltdown after she went to bed, so Tink was a little rattled. Eventually Jr wore herself out and fell asleep though.

As previously mentioned, Friday was a little intense, so much so that I ended up working straight through lunch. Well, I had lunch, but I ate it while working.

Let's just say that when I left work on Friday, I went to the bottleshop for a six-pack of Strongbow. And came home and drank four of them.

Today was more annoying than anything else... the blocking off of Wellington Square changed our Saturday morning routine, then it just seemed to be one thing after another. We took a quick trip to Arndale, then made the mistake of going into the city. Because the two major routes into the city were closed off, everyone was taking other routes, so it took forever to get where we were going.

We didn't do very much, just had a wander and grabbed a couple of things here and there, before giving up and coming home again.

So a little bit of a stressful week/day...

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