photo friday: grey and wet

gothic rooftopwater lines

water dropstemple of the wind
This may be my last Photo Friday post... I've been thinking for a little while about merging this post and the Saturday shopping post into one mega post, a little like I used to do with Montage Mondays... one big fat roundup post. And I'll probably merge the photo part of Photo Friday into the Saturday post... instead of stealing shopping related photos off the internet.

We'll see...

This week has been incredibly stressful... my sidekick/partner in crime at work, Pixie, got reassigned to a different project, so I've been doing the two of both of us this week (to be honest I was doing the same thing last week when she was doing a lot of meetings about the project), and then on top of that they decided to give me a newbie to replace Pixie.

The problem there is that Pixie is without doubt one of a kind, and I've seen a lot of people come and go in The Nut House in the last decade or so... and she is without doubt the best and brightest we've ever had. Which of course means that she's going to be in demand... but goddamnit, I bloody want her back.

And the newbie is fine... she's just new. And she's not Pixie. Fortunately several people stepped in to train her to give me the space to be able to actually do work otherwise I would have been a wreck by the end of the week.

Newbie also reminds me of someone... but it hasn't clicked into place who that someone is yet.

I've also spent a big chunk of this week working my way through the last season of RuPaul's Drag Race... and while I don't want to be seen to be reading the contestants of this season, there are a lot of needy, broken bitches, many of whom do an incredibly shitty job of their eye makeup... but mentioning no names specifically. I still have a couple of episodes to go but I am feeling that unlike last year where I didn't care who won the finale because I loved all three contestants, I don't think I'm going to care this season because I'm fairly certain all three contestants are going to be annoying.

Beyond that there's not a lot to report.

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