by the numbers saturday shopping

Today was a fairly by the numbers shopping excursion...

We did the usual supermarket thing... no real surprises there. I decided on making a variation of the potato soup I really like but made with sweet potato... although now I realise that I have a recipe that's for pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot, but with red curry paste and coconut milk... so maybe I might go with that. Maybe. The last few weeks I've been kind of making up the soup as I go, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

After the supermarket we did a wander around Target... and that was pretty much exactly what it was... just a wander around. But that's what happens sometimes.

Then it was back here to unpack everything and work out what was next for the day.

I'd see something on Twitter about the Ink Crush Market... and given that it was on Flinders Street I should have assumed that it was actually at the Flinders Street Market... but clearly I was having a "bear of little brain" moment and thought they were two different things (the stuff I saw online wasn't particularly helpful). In any event it was interesting. Not interesting enough for me to actually buy anything, but Ma did start the collection of greeting cards for La Cousina and Princess T's Christmas presents as there were artists/designers there that we haven't run across before.

From there it was a brief detour to Oxfam Books so Ma could drop off some things she'd read and didn't want to keep and look for some new stuff. I have to say that the way I used to feel about second hand bookshops and the way I feel about them now is very, very different. It's partly because I don't read novels the way I used to... while I keep a book on my desk at work to read during lunch, but my collection of books is now smaller than I think at any other time in at least the last twenty years. And so going into second hand bookstores doesn't interest me in the way it used to. So I mostly just wandered around waiting for Ma to finish looking at things.

Then we headed over to Rundle Street to visit T2... and that was Ma's idea not mine... although it turns out that my T2 "girlfriend" was working, and she's very good at getting me to spend money in there... but only when I like the flavour of something.

Anyway, I walked out the door with one box of tea and three free samples...

Ma wanted to check for a DVD in Kmart, so we wandered up the Mall in the rain only to discover that as with just about anything interesting we go to look for in the Kmart city store, they don't actually stock DVDs.

Then we took a quick trip to check out the new Zing store next to EB Games and all their pop culture lootz... I stopped off there yesterday on my way home from work and it's a good looking store full of a range of interesting things that are very pretty and that for the most part I have no place for or need of. But some of them would be lovely to own.

So basically it's a very dangerous shop for me to spend any time in even though I didn't buy anything today.

From there we headed to Burger Theory for some lunch and the very meatorfic Burger of the Month.

Because we hadn't had any luck with the DVD, we headed off to the next nearest Kmart to look for it. And of course because nobody knows anything any more, they'd filed a perfectly legitimate grownup movie with the children's movies. But I found it eventually.

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