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Weighing up all the pluses and minuses... this week was generally better than the last couple of weeks.

First off, the soup I made with the sweet potato and red curry paste was excellent... I more or less made the recipe up on the fly... I was going to partially follow a recipe I already had, or adapt the leek and potato soup one, but in the end I essentially just threw everything in a pot and went for it. And once it was all blended smooth, it was really, really good. The coconut milk also worked beautifully... gave it the same consistency as cream and didn't give an overwhelming coconut flavour (in fact there was hardly any coconut taste to it at all). I need to write up the recipe to add to all the other good soup ones I've pulled together and post them some time next week.

I'm trying something different this week... a Mulligatawny soup which required much spice buying, but more on that later.

As a slightly cryptic future note to myself (which when I reread it later will more than likely make no sense to me)... you do get what you pay for... but sometimes even then you don't get everything all at once, as has been my general experience... there's always something that doesn't quite work.

But sometimes it's enough... and the other stuff more than makes up for the stuff that doesn't work.

On the work front, while I've pretty much decided that Newbie is a little bit on the "suburban" side, she's doing pretty well at the end of her second week. She's still not Pixie... and she never will be... but I finally had to abandon my usual reticence about new members of my team and at a certain point this week I had to just throw a bunch of work at her otherwise she would have been twiddling her thumbs and I would have been drowning. And, you know what, she coped pretty well. Sure, she screwed up a few things, and she asks questions that are often more confusing than they should be, but like I said, it's still her second week.

Herschel also came back to work from her European vacation this week... it was very good to see her again, and catch up on everything she did and whatnot. We also had a few chats about video games, which is always fun.

Oh and my need for a new tattoo has been raising it's little coloured head again... I wish I had a stronger idea of what I want the final thing to look like. I know most of the elements, but some of the minor details keep changing as I go, so it's hard to really pin something down, which in turn means that it's hard to then describe it to an artist. And I keep having second thoughts about the artist. Arghhhh.... 

Beyond that there wasn't really much else of an exciting nature that happened this week. Although occasionally it's a little confronting to realise how the people you work with view you... especially when it's slightly different to how you view yourself. Or at least you don't think it's the defining feature of your character. But clearly it must be.

Today was fairly standard... fortunately I'd really tidied the apartment up on Thursday night, so all I had to do this morning was some dishes and I was good to go.

It was a very grey and awful morning... technically I think there was fog, but it felt more like very low cloud or just lazy rain which couldn't be bothered to fall.

We did the usual supermarket thing... and like I said earlier I bought a bunch of spices... weirdly I haven't really had or used spices properly in years... sure I have garlic and chili which I use all the time, but actual spices are a rarity. So this soup is going to definitely be something different... hopefully good different.

After we came back and I'd unpacked, we wasted a little time here and then decided to head down to Marion and have a wander.

That's mostly what we did... our usual wander loop from one end to the other, then all the back back again. I did stop off at Tea2, not with the intention of buying anything, more because I wanted to try their Matcha tea, which I've been interested in for a while, but it's always seemed overly complicated and the kits are stupidly expensive. But the nice girl showed me that it's really easy, and it tastes interesting (which doesn't seem like a recommendation, but it was a flavour that held an appeal, I just can't put it into words properly)... and I ended up buying a little container. Now all I need is a little bamboo whisk... which will mean either a trip to Chinatown or a visit to eBay.

We had some lunch at Salsa... our usual default option when we're at Marion... but it's always tasty. Then we headed back to my place.

So not a bad day all in all.

Oh, and yes, I know the post title needs some more thought... I'd like something alliterative like "Photo Friday", but "Snapshot Saturday" doesn't really work given that the photos really aren't snapshots... I'll mull it over and see if I can come up with something better before next weekend.

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