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This has been a tough week. Of course all things are relative and it's not like I had to defuse nuclear weapons, conduct a symphony or conduct international espionage or anything, but relatively speaking, it's been tough.

Last Sunday was, in equal measure, a day well spent and a day completely wasted.

I had a rental inspection on Tuesday morning, so I spent the first five hours of Sunday cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming the carpet and doing all the other things that I've put off doing around the house since I tweaked my back (and, to be honest, a few other things that I've been putting off just because they didn't really need to be done, but since I was already in the zone, I figured I may as well do them).

I also discovered that there was a tiny amount of water running down the brick wall by the door... related, one can only assume, to the water that had been dripping from above the door a few months back but not quite so dramatic. So that was something else to go on the short list of issues to leave for my land agent.

Another issue was the fact that my smoke alarm started bleeping on a regular basis on Sunday morning. I say regular, but what I really mean is it did it twice and I took it down off the ceiling and took the battery out. Interestingly since the battery was replaced on Tuesday it hasn't been going off at the proverbial drop of a hat and I've cooked meat in my frying pan twice now (that was usually what set it off).

But back to the cleaning... I gave the apartment a good going over and it all looks fresh and tidy and lovely... which is always nice!

The remainder of Sunday was spent laying on my bed watching RuPaul's Drag Race, because I figured that I'd earned it by that point.

The great thing was that at no point on Sunday was my back a major drama. Yes, I was careful and aware of it, even though there was a fair degree of careful bending, but I felt generally fine.

Cue Monday morning... yeah, not so much.

At various points during the week I've been in somewhat varying degrees of pain throughout the day, which never makes me all sunshine and rainbows to be around. And this is really where most of the toughness has happened during this week. I think I probably stressed the muscles in my lower back out a little since that's what's really been more and more achey as the week has progressed. Thankfully I had a chiro appointment this afternoon at lunch time, so my ever lovely chiro was able to wrangle my back into a more appropriate configuration.

After the inspection on Tuesday I got home to find that my lovely land agent had replaced the battery in my smoke alarm as well as returning it to the ceiling and put some graphite powder in my locks as I'd mentioned one of them was becoming incredibly hard to turn. Yay for efficient rental personnel. However I also walked in to find that there was water dripping from over the door again.

And I also discovered that I'd paid an old gas account number instead of the correct account number, so there was an overdue notice waiting for me in the letterbox.

Le sigh.

Fortunately that was easily fixed thanks to the awesome Amy who I called the following morning at the gas company.

The dripping thing is less easy as it's a strata/outside issue, so it's not controlled by my land agent, hence I'm still waiting for something to happen. But on the up side, the water has stopped dripping from over the door and returned to running down the wall periodically. And I'd be more concerned about that if it wasn't disappearing once it gets to the floor and not doing anything to the carpet, at least as far as I can tell.

Just to round out some general whinging about stuff, there's either a new dog in the neighbourhood or a dog that has recently lost its mind because it keeps continually barking. In fact, it's doing it right now while I type this. Thankfully it's not really close, but it’s close enough that I can hear it from the bedroom window, but it's too far away to work out where the hell it actually is. Shut up dog, seriously, you're bat shit crazy and barking at NOTHING!

Also work has been a little bit mental... I spend the majority of Tuesday making a spreadsheet full of survey data sit up and beg. I'll be honest, I was annoyed at the beginning of the day because I knew how long it was going to take, but by the end of the day I was loving myself sick because it's seriously one of my favourite things to do... I love taking a bunch of data and turning it into a chart producing machine. I think I've said it before, but while I'm in no way, shape or form a numbers person, I fucking LOVE putting together a great spreadsheet that calculates things and counts them and has formulas and shit.

Then yesterday I didn't feel like I had a chance to catch my breath for most of the day... but as I keep reminding myself, it's better than the alternative.

Today was better, and since I had the chiro appointment I even went out at lunch time which I don't usually do. I even stopped by JB HiFi to take advantage of their TV sale (Dollhouse and Teen Wolf).

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