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blow his movie brains out
Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to the going rate for second-hand DVDs at Cash Converters...

Give it a little thought, and I'll come back to it directly.

Today pretty much started in the usual fashion... a little tidying up, getting ready, then heading off to the supermarket once Ma got here.

We ended up buying more stuff than usual, or at least spending more... but at the same time managed to save $50 on vitamins. Not overly interesting, but true.

After I was finished unpacking everything we loaded up the car with four A4 boxes full of DVDs I no longer wanted and headed off to Cash Converters.

It turned out that I'd culled over 150 DVDs from my collection... which you would think could be nice little windfall once I sold them all.

Unfortunately Cash Converters are selling their DVDs in store for $1 a piece... which means they were only buying them for 10c each. Yeah, I know... it's hardly anything at all.

Thankfully while there were a couple of people in the "buying" section when we got there, when it came around to my turn, Ma and I were the only ones left, so I actually had all three staff members processing my DVDs. I had more than a few moments of thinking "oh, wait... I forgot I was getting rid of that", but there wasn't anything I was that bothered about that I felt the need to rescue.

Even with three staff members all working on 50 DVDs each it did take a little while for them to scan them all and whatnot. But that was fine, I pretty much spent the whole time with a slightly bemused expression on my face I think. That's certainly the way I felt.

So yeah, if anyone's interested in raiding my excess DVDs, go and check out the Cash Converters in Prospect.

After we were done and I had my $15 in hand, we headed into the city for a bit of a wander.

Mostly we ended up looking at Christmas decorations... well, Christmas trees really, although we didn't see anything that different from the ones last week.

And that was pretty much it... other than stopping off for a Boost Juice.

At least now my lounge isn't full of boxes full of DVDs...

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