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This week has certainly been busier than the previous two weeks, and I've definitely spoken to more people, although really it doesn't amount to all that much.

I went to see Tink for Haircut Night on Wednesday and got my hair did. Then this afternoon I had to go into town to see my chiro, and I went in a little early and dropped in to see Josh at Espionage. In all three instances there was a conversation about my current employment situation.

So yeah... that was a thing that happened. Also, my hair is blonder and tidy again.

I also had three deliveries this week... two that I was expecting, one that was a surprise... or rather unexpected. In order to minimise the TV show DVDs that I have I bought a stack of new six disc cases which arrived on Wednesday. I managed to compress the number of DVDs into a smaller number of cases, but I ran out so I ordered another batch which were supposed to arrive next week but showed up this morning.

And then while I was half way through moving DVDs into new cases I had a reward for one of my Kickstarter projects show up, the slightly Pokemon-eske Capture Creatures book and print.

I also managed to take all of my other DVDs out of the bookcase and into boxes and rearranged some stuff. Basically I'm getting to the point where I need to work out what the hell I'm doing with the old bookcases (and I'm sure I've said this about a million times), once I know that, then the new bookcases will be up and filled inside a day. Okay, maybe a couple of days...

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