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We certainly managed to fill up the day today...

I was up and organised fairly early this morning, which was good because Ma came down earlier than usual so we could go and fulfil our democratic duty before heading to the supermarket.

Yep, it's that time again... time for a Federal election. And my opinion on that, especially given the direction the results seem to have gone, can generally be summed up with a spirited and sustained raspberry.


On a related note, I thought there was a rule that people giving out those pointless "how to vote" cards couldn't actually come past a certain point on the grounds of the venue where the voting was taking place. Well if there is, the people at the school where we went to vote were definitely breaking it. And if they've changed the rule, well, that was a fucking stupid idea.

I know the people who give out the cards are just getting involved in the democratic process and whatnot, but I tend to view them with a degree of contempt that places them just slightly above the people who come door to door for the energy or telephone companies and slightly below the people who stand at the stalls in shopping malls trying to get people to sign up for things.

Thankfully I'd already visited Below The Line and worked out exactly where I was putting all my votes. It's probably the most informed I've ever been in any election ever, although generally my main decision making process was whether or not the parties supported Marriage Equality, since that generally spills over into other things that I care about.

And while the SA senate ballot paper didn't have the record 110 candidates the NSW's one had, we did have a very time consuming 73 candidates... and it took a while to fill in all the squares. But thanks to Below The Line, it was much easier and I didn't "lose" any numbers like I usually do.

Afterwards we had the obligatory sausage sizzle (and I had one of the longest sausages I think I've ever had the privilege of consuming... which sounds dirtier than it is) before we headed off to the supermarket.

I stocked up on quite a bit of fruit and veg... well, mostly veg to be honest, since I ended up with nothing but mushrooms left at the end of last week... and then once we were done at the supermarket, we headed into Target for a wander around.

I know I said last week that I really wasn't feeling enthusiastic about Series 11 of the Lego Minifigures... but I figured I'd have a rummage through the bags just to see if I could pick out the couple of minifigs I really liked.

But then I realised there was a totally fresh, unopened box at the back of the shelf. I don't think I've ever gotten my hands on a completely full box, so before I knew it I had a complete set (plus an extra gingerbread man for someone Ma works with).

That kind of took longer than I would have liked... especially since there were a few of the minifigs that were really hard to identify in their packs.

When we got back I tidied out the fridge, which was slightly overdue, before putting away all my groceries and opening all the minifigures. I know that I go through all the packets very carefully, but it still manages to surprise me when I get it exactly right.

We didn't really have any grand plans for the rest of the day, but Ma got some movie passes from work at some point so we decided to head to West Lakes and check out something at the movies.

Before the movie we had some time to do a circuit around West Lakes, although it was mostly on auto-pilot... but we did have a bit of a look at the Christmas trees in David Jones (putting aside the fact that it's only fucking SEPTEMBER and there shouldn't even be Christmas stuff out yet), since Ma is interested in getting either a smaller tree or a lighter (ie a white) tree. Sadly nothing really jumped out at either of us.

And luckily the Johnny's Popcorn Delights van was down at West Lakes, so we grabbed some popcorn and then headed to the movies.

Afterwards we had a little wander around the food court, but since it was around 3:30 everywhere seemed to either be packing up, or else we weren't really in the mood for what they did have, so we called it a day and came back to my place.

When we got back I jumped online and had a look at tickets for The Lion King in Sydney next March. I'd already decided that I wanted to spend my 40th birthday in Sydney, and since The Lion King is on from December to next March, it seemed like a good fit. Sadly it's not on at the Opera House, which would be awesome, it's actually on at the Capitol Theatre up in Haymarket.

Sadly, a lot of the really good seats are either really, really expensive ($150-$200 a ticket) or else already gone... but we managed to get a couple of seats on one side right near the front. So hopefully that was a good choice.

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