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This week mostly centred around me being varying degrees of sick. And having a rental inspection.

Both Sunday and Monday involved some long slow pottering around to get things looking the way they needed to, while also cooking a whole pot of chicken soup on Sunday night to either assist in killing my cold, or at worst, keeping me hydrated.

And because I didn't overthink it (my thinking apparatus being essentially clogged), it turned out really well. Just enough chilli to open up the nasal passages and a good liquid to vegetable ratio.

I got to play DnD all three time this week, since I'd flung a module at the Canadian last week, and he did a great job running the adventure, as I knew he would. So I know that at any point if I'm not up for it, I can tap him to fill in.

It also meant that I got to debut my newest character, badass halfling barbarian grandma with a big axe. I mean technically due to backstory reasons, she's not actually a grandma, but I had one of the characters on Monday calling me Grandma within about five minutes, so I'm planning on leaning into it.

And it's fun to play old lady characters... they get away with stuff other characters probably wouldn't or couldn't. Also, I love playing characters that don't make any logical sense, like a 104 year old female halfling barbarian. Because why the fuck not.

Also, you know you're a particular kind of nerd when you spend 20 minutes making a spreadsheet to work out how much it would cost your regular 5 person adventuring group per year to share the cost of an imaginary wagon with two imaginary horses and an imaginary person to look after the wagon and horses, plus imaginary food and imaginary stabling.

For the record, 140 gold, 5 silver, 5 copper for the first year, and 113 gold, 5 silver, 5 copper for each year after that. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, rolling backwards a little... Tuesday was the inspection, so I cleared out before the allotted time, went down the road to the library, caught up on my DnD "homework" (logging character adventures) and watching an episode of Critical Role (DnD web stream) I'd downloaded to the netbook.

It's also always good when you watch a particular emotional episode of anything in a public place and try not to cry.

I spent a little time beyond the inspection window, just to be sure and pottered back to my place to find that it had finally been done. Thank goodness.

Otherwise the week was, m'eh... I mean, my cold/flu diminished somewhat as the week went on which was good, but otherwise, m'eh.

Today, likewise, had high levels of m'eh.

We did the supermarket thing this morning... I bought stuff to make more soup, most probably some made up variation of minestrone. And I say this only because I bought tomatoes.

Afterwards we came back here, dithered around a bit and then did the "no clue what we're doing, let's go to a place where a shop exists" thing we so often do. Which mostly resulted in poking around three separate locations and not much else.

And that's about it really.

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