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You know what they say... you can never go home again. I just didn't really realise it applied to supermarkets too.

But I'm ahead of myself.

I'm really killing it with soup right at the moment... I made ham, potato and leek this week, and partly because I put a whole pack of shredded ham as well as a chorizo and some bacon in it, it was pretty damn good.

DnD was pretty standard/average this week... although I did end up standing around with one of the other DMs afterwards... well, first it was helping him sort some stuff out, then after they kicked us out of the store there was a fair amount of standing around, and I think I left at around 12:30... so that was a thing that happened.

We also played with a trio of actual young people on Thursday... like between 12 and 14 yos maybe... it was an experience, but weirdly not that different from playing with some of the 20-somethings. There was one who was very much into his character and interacting with everything, one who was perennially distracted and one who was a bit of a blank slate.

Also, because this week is the 6th anniversary of this, my back did have a bit of a spasm this week. Because of course it did. While putting on a pair of socks of all things. Fortunately I recognised the signs, and while I was mostly okay on Thursday, walking to DnD wasn't my finest moment... also I probably shouldn't have sat down for the whole four hour period, but you know... I did go and see my chiro on Friday morning, and then came home and spent the majority of Friday day just laying down in bed.

Which is basically what I'm planning to do after I finish writing this.

Today was... challenging.

After putting it off for about a year I'd finally gotten around to organising another service for my car, part of the problem being that the mechanic we go and see is way over next to the shops we used to go to, and not quite as convenient. But I arranged with Ma to meet her there, and scheduled the service for 8am this morning.

At 7:35 this morning I discovered that when I parked my car on Thursday the door somehow hadn't completely closed, which meant that the inside light was on. For roughly 32 and a half hours.

I had no remaining battery.

Not really how this morning was supposed to go. What followed was a phonecall to Ma, then one to the RAA to come and jumpstart the car, then one to the mechanic telling him I'd be late. The RAA man took about half an hour to arrive, which wasn't horrible considering, but when it takes all of about 12 seconds for him to actually make the car work again, it's a little... irritating.

So then I headed down to our old supermarket, dropped the car in across the road and went over to meet up with Ma.

I absolutely had one of those "has this place always look quite so scruffy and tiny?" moments... and while I think the answer is decidedly yes, I also feel like it's gotten worse in the last year and a half since we were last there.

But just trying to do a shop at the supermarket we used to go to was an adventure. I swear that the supermarket never used to feel that tiny and undersupplied. And yet, there it was. Given the fact that they didn't even have the milk I buy or the strong Iced Coffee, I couldn't really deny the fact. Yeah, seriously never want to have to go back there again. Plus the Baker's Delight that used to be there has gone "off brand", so that was pretty much the nail in the coffin.

Also, we bought hardly anything... I mean that sometimes happens, especially when I'm making soup and not much else, and the fact I couldn't buy milk, but even so it was all a bit blah.

We did what we've done a million other times in the past and wandered around in the half of the shopping centre on the other side of the road (and found milk over there with no drama), then called it quits and came back here.

We really hadn't decided what to do, and were kind of wasting a little bit of time when the mechanic called to say that he was all done. So then there was essentially a montage of Ma and I driving all the way back there, then finding our own ways back.

And because I hadn't punished myself enough already, I decided to drive back through the city. Yeah, I realised it was pretty much a stupid idea around the time it was impractical to change my mind and go a different way. But we still got back to my place around the same time, Ma did get there first though.

Then we just headed into the city... for no real reason, mostly because we were a little too late for going to the movies and we really didn't have any ideas, and it was around noon by the time we got back to my place.

So we basically just wandered from one end of the mall to the other, poked around the bookstore (where I found these, which have the most amazing feeling covers... plus I love a good word cloud), then headed down to Burger Theory for lunch.

And then we called it a day.

Not much of day, to be honest, but still a day.

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