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This week started with a "m'eh" and ended with a "hey, that's outside the norm".

My back is improved, although I have been spending more time in the horizontal position, just to give it a break from lugging my dumb ass around. But for reasons that I cannot under any circumstances explain, a muscle in my left calf had a moment on the way to DnD on Monday night. I wasn't doing anything strange, I'd worn a different pair of sneakers much earlier in the day, but yeah, it just locked up on me.

And it was also on the improve until today when it did it again. That shit can all just fuck right off to be honest. I'm not here for it at all.

I also made a pretty awesome chicken noodle soup. I mean, touch wood, and let's not jinx myself and all that, but I've been pretty impressed with myself so far this soup season.

Speaking of DnD... I experienced a TPK (total party kill) on Wednesday for the first time. Turns out that it was written by the guy who managed to kill the only other one of my characters... so that's a fun time. I mean, it's DnD, so death is very rarely terminal... but it is inconvenient. And none of us got any rewards from the adventure, because that's what happens when you die in the middle of the jungle.

Yeah, not real happy about it.

I also ran what may have been the best game I've run... possibly ever. I don't know if everyone necessarily had the best time, but it was with a couple of the Thursday boys, and, oddly enough, the first person to ever DM for us as a group, and also the first person who DM'd for us as the group of characters we most regularly play. So that was fun. But the fact that my boys REALLY went to town on the roleplay was the best part of it... and for purely story related reasons, I got to really mess with one of them... and he absolutely came along for the ride with me.

It was pretty damn awesome. There is absolutely nothing better than when you throw out a roleplay hook, either as a player or as the DM, and one of the other players picks it up and elevates it beyond what you expected. And that's when it gets really, really good.

Otherwise, the week was... m'eh. As my weeks tend to be right at the moment.

Today started off with me scrambling around once again, since I overslept. Less fun to be honest.

It felt pretty damn good to be back at the "correct" supermarket too... and it's so weird that I never realised how much bigger Norwood was compared with Northpark... even when we first switched over. And I have no idea why.

This week I'm attempting tomato soup... entirely made up out of my own head... which is probably going to be fine, but we'll see if I can make it just right.

When we got back, the singular neighbour that I keep running into over and over and over was trying to push his car out of his carpark and asked me to help... which was fine, but ended up taking a while because after we tried the pushing thing, we also tried the jumper cables from my boot, but his battery was pretty fucking dead. If it hadn't been for last week and me really wanting there to be someone magically appear out of nowhere to help me get my car started, I may not have bothered... but you know... sometimes you have to.

It does fly in the face of my entire "never get to know your neighbours if you can avoid it" life philosophy though.

After that we decided to head into town to finally go and see the new Avengers movie, but we had a bit of time for a wander up the mall beforehand... so we did that too. We stopped in at Crumpler and the girl walked me through their new "convertible" briefcase/backpack bags, the Credential and the Logician... which are essentially the same (although one of them doesn't actually convert). If I had, you know, actual disposable income or whatever, one of them might make a nice replacement for my DnD bag... but I'll cope for now.

Then we headed for the movies.

And you know how sometimes when there's assigned seating, you think "well, why can't we just have those seats instead" (to be honest, I think assigned seating is the plague and should 100% be done away with, with the possibility of something like Gold Class)... so this time I went and got our seats changed over, and it wasn't an issue at all. I mean it's not something I'd like to do every time, but I'm glad I did it.

After the movie, we stopped off at Max Brenner for a bite to eat... well, you know, mostly chocolate things. And now I'm having either a sugar high or a sugar crash, I'm not entirely sure which, because I don't normally have either.

Then in a couple of hours, I'm getting picked up to go and play DnD with the Thursday boys and their girlfriends. I'm just guest starring on this one, but the DM and I have been vaguely scheming for the last week or so, so if nothing else, my entrance should be good.

What's going to happen after that will be interesting.

Also, there will be drinking, and I've never mixed drinking and DnD before... so that'll be a whole new experience.

Otherwise that's really about it for the week.

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