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So, the last seven days were... mostly typical, slightly atypical.

We'll start with last Saturday when I went out to drink alcohol, eat BBQ and play DnD. Thankfully I didn't get messy, there were puppy cuddles and some actual DnD was played... plus I got to freak everyone out with my entrance, so that was awesome.

And just meeting a couple of new people and doing something different was fun.

Speaking of DnD, Monday and Wednesday were typical days... although my first ever character made it to Level 11 (also known as Tier 3) on Wednesday, which is my first character to get that far.

Thursday was a mix of typical and atypical... DnD was played, but not at the game shop as usual... instead we went to the house of one of the group... and one of the boys came and picked me up and drove me over there, so that was nice.

It's also kind of weird when that particular group starts new characters... doubly so because it was a whole new location (both in and out of game to be honest), and this is a character I've had bubbling away for a little while now, so actually getting him out in the world was interesting. They're never 100% who you create them to be, you know.

Otherwise the rest of the week was m'eh. Recurring theme, I know.

Oh, and the tomato soup I made wasn't bad... although I kind of lost interest in it about halfway through the week. There wasn't anything wrong with it, I just found myself craving things other than tomato soup.

Today wasn't bad... although we're in that "no plans or destination of any kind" portion of the year, universe, whatever. At least I had my shit together enough to actually be ready by the time Ma arrived this week.

Anyway... supermarket stuff was... typical. I decided that beef stew was the go-to for this week... it'll mean I need to get a little more organised earlier and stick it in the oven for a few hours, but that should be fine, we'll see what happens.

Then, after some general time wasting, we ended up heading down to Marion. No specific reason, but it was something to do. We entertained the idea of a movie for about 12 seconds, but you know what, I'm not completely sure how much I care about these interim Star Wars movies.

We did the usual thing... a lap of the shopping centre, with various and sundry detours along the way whenever we saw anything that caught our eye.

To be honest, the main thing we saw were the most recent series of Lego minifigures... so that turned into a period of time with me feeling up little foil baggies... it's been a hot minute since that happened, and I feel like they've started inflating some of the baggies, so it's hard to work some of those minifigs out.

I didn't do too badly to be honest, although there were two I was certain I'd found that I had not.

After that we went and had some food and then called it a day.

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