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You know those weeks best described as "m'eh"... yeah, this was one of those weeks.

Not least of all, I think, because it was the one year anniversary of this. Amongst other things, I got into my head a little bit. I mean there are a bunch of other reasons for me being in my head, but that's definitely one of them.

I way, way, way over-supplied myself with frozen peas for my pea soup this week. Like I bought double the amount I needed. And I used pretty much all the bacon I had in the freezer, but it turned out pretty well. A little... dull isn't the right word, it was tasty, I guess it just felt uninspiring, insomuch as I enjoyed it when I was eating it, but the idea of doing so beforehand didn't thrill me.

Due to ANZAC Day being on Wednesday and the shops being traditionally closed until noon, there was no Wednesday DnD this week. Which just felt weird, not gunna lie.

The other two games were... what's the DnD equivalent of "a hot mess"? Actually that's not completely true... but Monday's game was seven people with a DM who really can't control a table of seven people (to be honest, he struggles with four people, depending of course on who those four people are) and Thursday's game was me running an adventure I'd read once, several weeks ago and was basically getting through by the skin of my teeth.

I missed the replay of the epic from December today... but I am running one of the "postscript" adventures to the epic on Monday, so that should be interesting.

Today was... an exercise in frustration and not much else to be honest.

Ma was getting her hair did, so I was on my own for the supermarket portion of the morning. Which was fine, except I kind of didn't get my act together as early as I would have liked, then Ma messaged me way earlier than I was expecting to say that she was already on her way. And that message arrived at around the same time that I discovered that the petrol station near the supermarket, where I was headed this morning due to an almost empty tank, is closed, partially closed, undergoing renovations... I don't know. All I know is that when I tried to visit it this morning I couldn't.

Shopping was fine, this week's soup of choice is going to be Frankenminestrone... in so much as I have about four or five different Minestrone recipes in my head, and will be attempting to follow at least some part of each one. Mostly I'm going to make it up as I go and see what happens.

When I got back to my place Ma had just arrived, and there was some back and forth about what the hell was happening. Then, since we had no plans of any kind, we ended up just doing a run down the road to first Big W, then Target, doing a fairly pointless wander in each and then calling it a day.

So, yeah... and if you don't mind, I'm going to go and distract myself from the voices in my head.

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