photo saturday: biennal squares

2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - lindy lee, the life of stars, 20182018 adelaide biennial of australian art - claire healy and sean cordeiro, we hunt mammoth, 2015
Today's post is brought to you by the letter H, the number 9 and the 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian art.

Also, could the weather be more appropriate for the month we're in please? I'm totally over this hot then cold then hot then cold then hot again thing it's doing currently.

Speaking of weather and time of year, I made my first soup of the 2018 season this week... Beef and barley (and vegetables)... not bad for the first one, although I never quite get beef soup so that it feels like the beef soup you get in cans. I think it has something to do with the thickness of the broth to be honest.

2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - roy ananda, thin walls between dimensions, 20182018 adelaide biennial of australian art - louise hearman, untitled
The usual DnDness happened this week... well, I say usual, I ran a game on Monday because it was the easiest way to extricate myself and a number of other people from a table that would have annoyed me.

Wednesday, my new Wednesday friend reappeared for the second time... I do enjoy adventuring with her character, so that was nice. Also, it's so weird how nervous you can get when you're essentially playing in a fantasy horror movie. And when you're a squishy wizard but are also the tank because you have all the hitpoints compared with the others.

Then Thursday, one of the other Thursday boys ran... and that was also a very stressful game. I think possibly because he ran us as a very strong party and I'm not sure if we were or not. But it was also "old home week" for my original character, who ran into a character from the first adventure he ever played and another from possibly the third adventure he ever played. So that was nice.

2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - timothy horn, gorgonia 12 (strange love), 20162018 adelaide biennial of australian art - kristian burford, cell, 2018
The rest of the week was... not a lot of anything really.

Question... can something be a slow start and also be filled with abject panic? Is that a thing? Because that was essentially my morning. I only woke up at 8am... to find that Ma had messaged me 40 minutes previously to say she was on her way, which meant that she messaged me about two minutes after I got up to say she'd arrived.

Cue the dashing around and panicking portion of the morning. Followed by my brain being a little bit broken and fuzzy for the rest of the day. The morning was filled with the usual shopping stuff... I'm making pea and ham soup this week and my freezer is currently packed with frozen peas, so that's a thing.

2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - ghostpatrol/david booth2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - pip and pop, darkness will disappear, magic light gonna take you for a ride
We decided to head into the city... mostly to run a couple of errands, but also to go and check out the aforementioned Adelaide Biennial of Australian art, which I'd seen someone post about the other week on Instagram.

It was a good choice... and a weirdly large number of the pieces actually resonated with me. Like the deconstructed blue Honda... and the huge framework map that I discovered was full of the names of DnD monsters, and some pieces by Ghostpatrol (aka David Booth)... and I also discovered what artists need to do to actually get me to sit still and watch a whole rotation of a video installation. Put naked people in it, obviously. And run it across four walls with four sets of naked people. But truthfully, I really liked the piece by Amos Gebhardt called Evanescence, not just because there were naked people, but because they were interesting and diverse naked people doing interesting movement related things.

So, yeah, a fun day was had. Even if my legs were knackered by the end.

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