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This week involved:
  • a haircut
  • a lot of Assassin's Creed Origins
  • three games of Dungeons and Dragons
  • a trip to the chiro.
Monday was Haircut Day... not much new or exciting to report there... although my hair did end up a little less purple/silvery than it has in the past, which was nice. Also, weirdly, because there was construction on the freeway, I ended up driving for what felt like quite a while at 25kph, which is very odd, considering the actual speed is 100kph.

I also reached that point in every Assassin's Creed game where I stop following the story and wander around the map, unlocking everything I haven't already and finding all the other stuff. In Origins this is much more of a task than it's been since the "collect all these feathers" days of Ezio. And, to be honest, much more interesting. I've also hit the level cap of 40... but that's going to be increased to 45 some time this month when the new DLC comes out.

Have I mentioned before that everybody in our regular Thursday DnD group gets a little bit insane when the the weather gets stupidly hot? I'm not sure if it's because the place we play has questionable air conditioning at best, or everybody was nuts when they arrive, but, yeah.

Also one of them wouldn't shut up about a non-existent dragon during an adventure featuring various kinds of giants... and I'm running for them all next week. Guess who found an adventure with an actual dragon in it? Guess who's also not telling them that there's a dragon in the adventure until we sit down at the table? Guess who's getting hit with it first? Yup... not that I want to kill anyone in that party, but if you ask for something long enough and it will appear.

Otherwise on Monday a different group finished the third part of a trilogy we've been trying to complete since the end of November, and I ran an adventure on Wednesday for some of my favourite people (and some people I'd never met before).

I was actually tempted to go in on Friday and play (since there's now games available every day of the week, but I still think three is about my limit for now), but I was a little bit... cranky after Thursday, so I didn't bother. Instead I just went in for my chiro appointment and then wandered around briefly before coming home.

Today was, kind of brief, to be honest. Or felt that way anyway.

There was the usual shopping, and I realised I probably forgot some stuff, but it wasn't anything urgent. Then we just headed into the city for a bit. Ma watched a Lego documentary on TV the other week and for some reason that (as opposed to me being obsessed for the last several years) has triggered off a desire for her to get her hands on some Lego. She'd already bought a couple of small sets, and I gave her the Beach House, which I had to disassemble to make room for Emmett's Construct-o-Mech.

But she wanted to have a look at what was available in town, so we ended up in both Toyworld and Myer and she decided on getting the London skyline which matches the Sydney one I have.

We also poked around a couple of other places and then went to the new and improved Burger Theory for lunch.

And I do mean new and improved... they've totally redecorated and the place feels very bright with a touch of the 70's, and they've stripped the menu back to just four items, three of which are now made with 80% kangaroo meat and 20% beef and the bun is now one made with potato flour so the whole thing is more sustainable. And it tastes amazing.

I also really like that since they were renaming things, they renamed the former No 1 burger to Truckburger... because that's where it all started, even if they don't have the truck any more.

It was also slightly unusual because both Dan and Rob were in the store, so I got to chat with them both and tell them how much I liked the new burger, which was nice.

And that was about it really... well except for the fact that Ma forgot her shopping when she left my place and I didn't notice it was sitting in the middle of the living room floor for some reason until she was about five minutes from home. Oops.

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