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You know, it's kind of hard to start these things off when there isn't really a lot to say about the week that was. Which is partly why I've been staring at a blank screen for the last ten minutes on and off.

So, yeah, not a lot really happened this week.

I did have a really nice compliment after I ran a DnD game on Wednesday... one of the guys (who'd also been on my table on Monday when I ran) said that he only ever wanted me or one other DM to run for him. And if the other DM was the one I think it is, that's pretty damn high praise.

Also it doesn't hurt because he's quite cute and seems to be a functional human being, which is occasionally in short supply.

I also got to the "run the same module four times" threshold with a second module this week, which is kind of impressive. Granted it's one I enjoy running because it's just a straight dungeon crawl, full of undead creatures, so it's pretty easy to run. I will say that the last time was the only time I've really run the full final encounter with all of the 17 enemies (usually we're running out of time at that point, so I tend to shorten the encounter), which was kind of intense.

That's really about it... I mean Friday was Australia Day, but public holidays don't mean very much to me right now, so I just stayed home and tidied up a bit, then played video games for a while, then watched some stuff on YouTube... so a fairly standard Friday all things considered. And probably what I've done for the last several Australia Days to be honest.

Today was stupidly hot (well, actually, it wasn't as stupid hot as it was supposed to get or that is suppose to get tomorrow), so it ended up being a pretty brief day all up.

We did the supermarket thing, and we possibly both got a little over excited with buying things... me partly because a whole bunch of things in my kitchen all chose to run out in the same week.

Normally on a hot day with not much else planned we'd go to the movies, but even though Ma has aircon in her car, I didn't want to send her home during the hottest part of the afternoon, and there really wasn't much on close by.

So we just went down the road to Big W, poked around there for a bit, I was looking for something that either a) doesn't actually exist or b) exists but not in the places we were looking, which is always helpful. In either case, I'll work something out to do what I need.

Then we headed over to Target, but took a detour past the Laygo store on South Road, just for funsies.

And there wasn't really much at Target, although Ma bought a big tub of mini candy canes and a couple of Christmas stockings for the grand total of 50 cents.

After that we headed back here and Ma headed off down the road before it got much worse, heatwise.

So, yeah, not terribly exciting, but that's basically my life anyway. Although I suppose not doing a whole lot now is a pleasant lead-in to when Fringe starts in 3 weeks.

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