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This is going to be a fairly brief one... it's been a stressful week and I really don't want to relive it in detail.

I discovered last Sunday that I did not, in fact, have any dress shirts that still fit. I knew I'd gained some weight, but didn't realise it was that much... so Monday after work I went into Target and found a shirt.

I honestly don't remember what the hell happened on Tuesday, but Wednesday was the interview for my job. Turned out that my offsider wasn't the only one who applied for it... and I'll be honest, I think it's the other person who has thrown me off to a much greater degree.

The interview went fine, I think I covered everything, although whether I covered everything to enough of a degree to suit the panel I have no idea. I do know that the written exercise afterwards was a giant clusterfuck. And it seems like nobody other than maybe my main competition actually got through it.

So now we wait. I have no idea what the outcome will be... but I'll be honest and say that I'm less confident than I previously was, and that's part of what's stressing me the hell out.

I did hear some very nice things from someone I work with who told me that she'd told someone who matters that I was really good at my job... and that one of her coworkers had said the same thing to that person. It's one thing to know that you know what you're doing (even if sometimes you don't think you do), but it's something else entirely for two completely independent people both think it and say it to the right person at hopefully the right time was nice to hear.

It was also amazing how much of a difference wearing a dress shirt makes over wearing polo shirts... both to everyone else and to me. Not that I'm going to switch back, but it was nice to know that going from a zero effort to a 2 had such a big result.

There really wasn't much of anything else that happened during this week... or at least nothing else that really managed to find it's way into my brain. And I'll admit I've been pretty much in my head all week anyway.

Anyway... today also wasn't exactly filled with new and exciting things.

I got up late, I went to the supermarket later than usual, I ran into someone I work with, which was weird. I'm not sure if it's his usual supermarket and it's just because I was running extra late.

From there I came home, unpacked, tidied up, changed the bed and then headed down to Ma's.

It was later than I really wanted to be, but there was enough time to head to the movies, which is what we did (more on that later). And then afterwards we wandered around for a bit, bought some bits and pieces and called it a day.

So yeah, it was good to distract myself from myself for a couple of hours.

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