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I didn't get the job.

I finish work on Friday.

There's not really all that much else to say about it.

I will say that this is very clearly the Universe telling me something I haven't been listening to. Firstly with the fact that I've been there for over 15 years at that point, and this is one of only two instances of being able to apply for a job there. And both times I've lost out to someone else. It's obviously not meant to be and I just need to walk away.

And given the fact that everything else around the job has also changed massively and not in any way for the better, it's all the more reason that I should walk away.

I know who did get it and I don't harbour any ill-will towards him... as Owlgirl said to me at an earlier point that he was just doing what was right for him, and all I can do is what's right for me. Which is all anybody can ever do. You earn respect but nobody owes it to you. I'm not even sure that I would have gotten it if it hadn't been for him. I do know that I wanted it more, but sadly that doesn't count for shit at the end of the day.


Before I found out I had decided that my busted glasses are irritating the shit out of me, so I booked in for an appointment to get my eyes tested and buy a new pair. Granted I now will have the time to get the old ones fixed that I didn't have before, but I may as well see if my eyes have deteriorated at all since the last glasses.

The stress of everything else just made my body freak out a little, and I'm fairly sure I'm fighting off an ear infection or just a general infection that is manifesting in a blocked ear and some other random symptoms. I got a referral letter from my doctor on Thursday to go back to the ENT doctor I was referred to once before to get him to clear out my blocked ear. Hopefully if there's actually an infection he'll also give me something for that.

Yesterday I spent most of the day playing video games (and tidying things up), which was kind of cathartic and pleasant.

Today was fairly brief. I had intended to get to the supermarket super early, but I ended up waking up around 7am and jumped in the shower but didn't really get out the door and to the supermarket until around 8:20am.

I came back, unpacked, relaxed a little and then headed down to Ma's place... weirdly, getting there much earlier than I have for the last several weeks. But there were no movies to see, and to be honest I wasn't much in the mood for much. What ended up happening was I told her the whole story of both not getting the job and also all the other drama that had happened at work over the last few months. Initially I hadn't mentioned anything because I didn't really know what was happening so there didn't seem to be much point... then she injured herself and it seemed like it wasn't especially important given the circumstances... and now that there is an actual decision, I just laid it all out.

And then took her to the train station so she could go see her friend.

But it did mean I was back on the road to home by about 12:30.

Let's just say that I've had worse weeks, but not many.

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