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Let's see... what do I know this week...

  • Ma's operation is scheduled for this coming Thursday. She's going to stay with her friend for a few days afterwards, so I won't see her until Christmas day.
  • I think I may have jammed up my knee at some point, it's been sore all week, mostly after I've been sitting for a while. I'll get my chiro to look at it this week.
  • We're having The Nut House Christmas party next Sunday at H-San's place.
  • If this week is anything to go by then the title of my autobiography will be "It's not even 8:20am and I've already had a brownie"... it's just what happens when I walk into work and there are already brownies on the table.
  • Seeing people do a half-assed job at something design orientated makes me crazy... doubly so when those people are paid to be quote "designers" unquote.
  • It's 14 days til Christmas.
Last Sunday I had to run some Christmas errands between booking all my Fringe tickets and making a slightly lackluster salad for the week's lunch. I mean the individual components were fine, it just didn't hold up to repeated servings.

Otherwise, beyond my knee playing up, the week was relatively okay all things considered.

Today I dragged my butt out of bed relatively early and while I didn't get to the supermarket right after it opened (which I'm definitely going to have to do on Christmas Eve, because otherwise yikes!), I was still nice and early and got back here just after 9am. I would have pretty much unpacked and turned around and headed off to Ma's place, but I had to pick up a parcel from the post office first.

It should have been a two minute job... but no, there was a line essentially out the door and many old people doing things they could have easily done during the week... or people doing things that are not core postal related activities. Urgh. Annoying.

Anyway, when I made it down to Ma's place we didn't do much before we headed out to the shopping centre to pick up a couple of things she wanted and then to the movies (more on that later), since there's actually stuff on and we haven't actually been for a while.

After that we had a pretty decent bento box lunch (mid afternoon lunch at that stage), picked up a few more things and headed back to her place.

Then it was time for me to come home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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