ma's presents 2016

With a few exceptions, I feel a little like shopping for Christmas presents for Ma kind of fell over around the same time she did... (okay, too soon, I said it and even I think that was too soon).

It also seems because I was more shopping on instinct for the past month and a bit there's a more than usual distribution of snowmen... and none of them are Olaf, which is a change from recent years.

I honestly don't care what she does with the big plush snowman after Christmas... but it's soft and cuddly and adorable (and it was cheap as well).

Even though I could have wrapped her presents at any point recently, I left it until the last minute, partially because of the Haighs chocolate, but it also meant I could drop some of the duplicate Steven Universe toys in as theoretical stocking stuffers.

Other than that, the wrapping process was much the same as always. Again, not doing it late at night was a bonus, as was the fact that the returning star that is the big red shiny box wasn't crammed full...
  • Artful Resin pendant
  • Green flower brooch
  • Green crystal earrings
  • Silver seahorse brooch
  • Oroton leaf brooch
  • 2017 Sculpture calendar and iPhone wallpapers
  • Snowmen
    • Jim Shore snowman ornament
    • Erstwilder snowman brooch
    • Hallmark 2016 snowman ornament
    • Itty Bitty Frosty the Snowman plush
    • Snowman plushie
  • Cherry cranberry pistachio nougat
  • Haighs dark orange pastilles
  • DVDs
    • Doctor Blake Season 3 and 4
    • The Lego Movie
    • Spirited Away
    • Pom Poko DVD
    • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Assorted Steven Universe pint sized hero toys
    (Rose, Steven, Connie, Stevonnie and Greg)
  • 'Smores Snowman card
I'm really looking forward to her reaction to the Artful Resin pendant and, as always, the calendar.

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