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The Fringe program dropped on Friday... after looking through the whole guide I ended up with a "shortlist" of 41 shows... that got culled down to about 34... and then this morning I went though them again, created a spreadsheet to work out my times (yes, I am that guy) and ended up with 22 shows on my final list.

And can I say... there's a LOT of Shakespeare this year... maybe a dozen shows... which doesn't sound like a lot, but other years I've had to really scrounge to find anything. And there's a Macbeth in there... Signifying Nothing (actually there's two Macbeth themed shows, but the other was all "zombie army"... so, yeah, no). In fact I'm starting and ending the Fringe with Shakespeare.

I was a little disappointed that there's no Le Gateau Chocolat this year... and I'm still waiting for Jethro Compton to bring one of his other shows down under. There also seems to be a dearth of improv theatre this time, beyond the UnPlotted Potter show.

On the up side, there's a Macbeth, Sound and Fury are bringing a brand new show and there's a lot of stuff that sounds like it has a really dark edge. Or maybe that's more about me this year... maybe I've just picked things that suit my overall mood. Also there seems like there's going to be some nudity along the way.

It also looks as though we're in some different places this year... Adelaide Oval, the German Club, the Botanical Gardens, Brick+Mortar... and surprisingly little Gluttony I think (I need to go through and pull out all the address details later).

I've also very much invoked Rule 2 from my "Getting the most out of the Fringe" list... there's a lot of new stuff. And stuff that was here before but I've always thought "I'll go to that another year".

I've also got enough wiggle room that if something amazing happens across my path, like last year's Fag/Stag (which ended up as my favourite show for the Fringe), I can take a chance.

So my final list for 2017 is...
  • Hamlet: Making the bold decision to cast Hamlet as a young woman, and set during the end of the Viking era, an amazing window is opened on one of the Bard's most complex characters in a passionate and intimate setting.
  • Panti Bliss - High Heels in Low Places: Hilarious and poignant, Panti traces her journey from small-town boy kicking against traditions to towering plastique woman in false lashes making history.
  • Stories In The Dark: A gentle and joyous, musical and magical journey into the world of storytelling in the dark.
  • Coral Browne - This F***ing Lady!: In the world premiere of this one-woman play, Genevieve Mooy brings Coral Browne to sparkling life and puts this Grande Dame back in the spotlight where she belongs.
  • Blanc de Blanc: A blend of vintage glamour, high-end spectacle and titillating acts to infatuate, illuminate and delight. Anticipate big moves, great tunes, lots of skin, and more than a few surprises.
  • Razi - Mesmerise: Razi performs with masks mesmerising his audience with his crystal ball and ring juggling, leaving you not wanting to take your eyes away for one second.
  • Night Creature: The retelling of an Ancient Greek myth about a pretty nymph turned monster; a fable about losing yourself to the dark blue sea. Folklore and legend collide with the 21st century as the myth of Scylla is told through poetry, storytelling and a live electronic score.
  • Fauna: A collaboration between 5 acrobats and a live musician, is an exploration into the similarities and contrasts between human movement and the instinctual, primal behaviours within the animal kingdom.
  • Shakespeare's Waiting Room: In an open round performance space, much like the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's most well known characters await.
  • Puppetry of the Penis: Two near naked men (they wear shoes) manipulate their nether regions using the Ancient Art of Genital Origami, providing the audience with a hilarious array of shapes and impersonations.
  • Half Hour Hamlet: Patrick Hercamp shall play many parts to uniquely present William Shakespeare's very own "Hamlet". Yet be forewarned, you may just learn to love the bard's plays in a way that makes you want to read them all!
  • Sound and Fury's Sherlock Holmes: Sound and Fury bring back Sherlock Holmes to put him under the parody magnifying glass! Holmes and Watson mimp and muddle through a madcap maniacal murder, with a cumber-batch of new jokes!
  • The Baby Farmer: Amidst an ever growing nightmare of premonitions, omens and visitations Agatha and Winnifred's darkened world slowly begins to unravel when a shadowy stranger with a sinister agenda appears on the streets of Whitechapel.
  • Altar Girl: Shakespeare's Othello as told by teenage girls out for revenge. A deeply reminiscent piece about the darker side of high school, for all those who suffered under a cruel queen with a deceptively kind smile.
  • Concrete: A quick-witted collision between the hysterical and serious, the classy and trashy and the clever and well...?
  • UnPlotted Potter: We go off the Marauder’s Map and into the forbidden forest of supporting characters to explore previously untold stories of the Potterverse. You choose the character, we tell you their story.
  • Barbu Electro Trad Cabaret: Bold, absurd, and sexy as hell, Barbu conjures a strange and wonderful world, fusing traditional and contemporary circus with a beautiful irreverence.
  • The Chemsex Monologues: A nameless narrator, a sexy boy, a fag hag, and a sexual health worker explore the high world of chillouts.
  • Elixir: Follow 3 (very handsome) scientists as they attempt to create the elixir of life and escape from trouble in the ensuing circus madness. It's uninhibited, it's bold and it's hilarious.
  • The Package: Revealing a woman's inner journey as she faces death, this poignant, surreal work pitches institutionalisation against memory and the human spirit.
  • Shakespeare's Ménage a Trois: Four actors present 20 minute vignettes from the Bard's 3 best plays.
  • Signifying Nothing: In an imagined Australia where The Republic is approaching like a train, Paul and Lainey MacBeth are the ultimate power couple.
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