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This was another week that wasn't much of anything really.

This week's soup ended up being Malaysian flavoured tomato and spinach, a little more watery than usual, but tasty.

Work continues to be a little chaotic and I may have mentioned it in the last couple of weeks already but I really noticed this week that people come to me to ask my advice or opinion... I mean, yeah, I always have an opinion, and you're welcome to it, but now that I've noticed it it kind of feels weird. I don't feel like Responsible Grown-up Who Knows Things™... but clearly that's the way other people see me, at least some of the time.

This week was also Haircut Night. I can't actually remember the last time my natural hair colour was prevalent... but I feel like I should maybe see exactly how grey it's gotten... because the sides are full on salt and pepper at this point, which is part of the reason why we keep them pretty much shaved. My main problem is that my original hair colour is just bleh. We kind of compromised... less blonde through the top, but enough to lighten it up. I do need to bite the bullet though... I can always retreat to the blonde again, but I just need to know what is going on under all the blonde.

Friday I gave myself a little bit of a mental health pass... I got up later than I should, didn't even worry about trying to get out the door in time for the early bus, or attempt to make my own breakfast... and I was still the first person at work (well, I was the only one in the office when I got there). I picked up breakfast on the way and just went with a whole "fuck it" attitude for much of the day. And the day was fairly calm, possibly both because of and in spite of the fact that a bunch of people had days off or just never bothered to show up.

That did kind of let me get some shit done though. Less interruptions.

I also ended up working back a bit a couple of days... just so that I could finish something up before I went home.

Today was... well, exploratory is perhaps the best word... the supermarket portion was about the same as average...

Beyond that neither of us really had any plans, and there weren't any movies that we wanted to see, but Ma did want to go to Target for a couple of things. I didn't really want to go to the Unley Road one again, it's just a little too small, so instead we decided on the one on South Road... it's not that much of a detour, and it's a pretty big store.

And turns out Castle Plaza has a few other decent bits and pieces including an EB Games (all their games are half price, so I bought myself Fallout 4, because why not).

But mostly we just tooled around the fairly massive Target for a while.

On the way back we called in to the tail end (as in everyone was already packing up) of the Fullarton Market... we saw an earlier one at some point, but I didn't realise it was a regular thing (fourth Saturday of the month). It looked decent to be honest... I mean some of the stalls were packing up already, but it'd definitely be worth a look at the end of June. I did buy a set of four wooden bowls... I'm hoping to use the largest one as my porridge bowl, but if that doesn't work, I'll find something to use them for... plus they weren't that expensive.

That was really it though... we picked up something to eat from the market, and when we got back here we called it a day.

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