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It's a little hyperbolic to say that this week was a total train wreck, but it was certainly challenging and had more than a few moments.

Most of it I'm going to skip over as it's either not particularly interesting, involves too much backstory or I just don't want to share.

I made really good soup this week though... a combination of a lot of different vegetables, the Spanish flavoured stock and a crapload of bacon. Bacon makes everything better, it really does.

This week I'm doing a tuna mornay instead of a soup... it's soup adjacent (just on the other side of chowder), and I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to make it. So there you go.

My tattoo is healing nicely. It was a little problematic at the beginning of the week, because it was almost like I was running a fever... but I think it was more like the after effect of sunburn... where your skin just feels overheated, which makes you feel a little gross overall. And as Owlgirl pointed out, "beauty is pain".

But now we're at the "moulting" stage (well, he is a bird after all). Basically every time I do anything, I feel like I'm leaving little bits of blue or black skin behind me. Gross, but accurate.

Work was the main cause of all the challenges this week. Not only did everybody need everything urgently, but we came to the end of the second phase of the big project which meant less work for them, and an increase in work for me and my team. And a whole bunch of change, which I never cope particularly well with.

Suffice to say there were moments this week I could have handled better, and I also could have applied myself a little better at other times.

Thursday night was Haircut Night... so it was something of a relief to just be able to go see Tink. As usual we chatted about all manner of things as she did my hair, then we kind of got sucked into the Ink Master TV show as we were waiting for the colour to bake in my hair. I have to say that that should would be greatly improved if they never let the contestants talk to or about each other. And some of them not even then.

Friday night after way too many detours in my work day to solve other people's problems, it was time to go to the pub. Yay.

I'm often surprised that we don't get thrown out of pubs... we're so fucking loud as a group... although we're never rude or violent... but still. Even I think we're a little obnoxious at times, and if we were other people, I'd probably hate us.

It was a pretty good group... unfortunately people didn't really move around once they were in a spot like what usually happens, but as some of the lightweights floated off, we did kind of close the circle and come together. In the end, it was me, Pixie and Pinkie, and we sat around for quite a while just talking crap about one thing or another. I kind of feel like I both drank more than usual and also didn't... but I think that's more because I bought a jug... and instead of having a drink, waiting a while, having another, etc, it was more of one long everlasting glass for the first couple of hours. So I possibly got to the drunk stage a lot faster, but once I was there I didn't really have any other drinks, so in essence I only had about four drinks.

After Pixie left, I waited with Pinkie until her ride came and then stumbled off in the direction of home. I'm pretty sure it was about 8:30 when I left the pub, but I didn't get to my front door until 10pm. Partly because I wasn't particularly rushing, and also because I went a different way from the way I go home every other day.

Essentially, because it was 10pm, I just left a trail of clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and got into bed. Weirdly I had a horribly night's sleep though, I tossed and turned like I haven't in... well, I don't actually remember... and more than once when I woke up I thought that it must have been close to dawn, it was actually only about 11:30 or just past midnight. So yay for bad sleep. Not.

Clearly I didn't drink the optimal amount for me.

I also wasn't hungover when I woke up, but I was decidedly feeling seedy, plus I had the dry mouth thing from not drinking enough water and a mild case of the radio announcer voice from yelling over the stupid guitar dude (seriously, fuck off with live music in the pub on a Friday night... we're there to talk to people after work, we don't need fucking live music... save that shit for Saturday night).

Today was fairly dull to be honest. I got up, changed my bedding, got ready, Ma arrived, we went to the supermarket and did the usual shopping. We came back here, unpacked, then headed out to the Central Market.

Neither of us really wanted to do a full produce shop at the markets, but I wanted some steel cut oats since Uncle Tobys no longer seems to make them, and Ma wanted to make a visit to the container store... we didn't even do a full potter around to be honest, we kind of hit the two or three places we needed to, then headed off again.

And we didn't really want to do anything else, so when we got back, Ma headed off home. I then had to make two visits to the drycleaners because unlike the one in the North Adelaide Village, this dry cleaner is vaguely useless and couldn't find my pants. Thankfully they did on the second visit.

That's about it though...

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