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There's a list of things that annoy me about this apartment... but I've really worked out this week that the top item on that list is that after close to twenty years of never closing bedroom curtains, waking up to close blinds is incredibly irritating.

The main issue is that I'm used to judging mornings by the amount of light rather than time, and that's difficult to do when you can't see the light.

I made some pretty great soup on Sunday... except for the fact that I made it with gravy beef and as such had to cook it for about 900 hours (somewhat of an exaggeration), and I started later than I should have. I also didn't end up blending it at the end (although I probably could have, at least a bit), so it was quite chunky and the beef was essentially melt in the mouth.

Work continued to be a little nuts this week... it wasn't without its hurdles. And it seemed like everybody want to pick my brain about one thing or another at some stage. Flattering but occasionally annoying when you're trying to actually get other stuff done.

I'm pretty much finished Assassin's Creed Unity... I just have the last mission to do and any additional mopping up after that.

Much of today was fairly by the numbers... we started off with the usual supermarket trip. I'm intending to make a tomato and spinach soup... possibly with some additional bells and whistles, but essentially that.

After all that and the unpacking and the usual stuff (including a quick fridge tidy, which wasn't so much usual as it was necessary), we headed down to Target just for a bit of a poke around, then we leapfrogged down the road to Big W where I happened to find a book on Florence Foster Jenkins which is half biography and half movie script (as in literally the first half is her bio, the second half is the script) and a couple of Disney DVDs and some kitchen stuff.

From there I was pretty much done, but Ma suggested we take a drive down to Glenelg since we haven't been down there for a while. And it was a nice day for a drive, so what the hell.

We mostly just wandered up and down Jetty Road, although we did have a poke around the new GU Film House cinema that opened in March... it looks, well to be honest it just looks like every other cinema... but supposedly it will "specifically cater to an emerging trend for intimate cinema formats screening niche, arthouse and main stream releases". Whatever the hell that means.

Smaller cinemas with smaller screens I guess.

We mostly wandered, but we did go into Dymocks and I ended up buying three books (damn three for the price of two sale)... The Night Circus, The Martian and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

So yeah, a very book heavy day... especially since I can't remember the last time I bought a book that a) wasn't part of a series I already have, b) wasn't ordered over the internet or c) wasn't a graphic novel.

Once we'd made it all the way to the beach we headed over to Orange Spot to grab some lunch, took it back to the beach to eat it and then called it a day and come back here.

An interesting day... not thrillingly exciting, but at least we did something slightly different.

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