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For another short week, this one has felt much longer than it should have.

I managed to do a whole lot of nothing particularly interesting on both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday... in fact the only time I left the apartment was to take things down to the rubbish bin, and I only bothered to have one shower in the 48 hour period. And I played about six straight hours of Assassin's Creed: Unity on Sunday afternoon.

I also discovered, quite by accident that my very pretty, very retro telephone that I bought from eBay after I moved into the old apartment, suddenly and for no discernible reason, no longer works. Well, you can call it and it rings, but when you pick it up there's no dial tone and if it does ring, the person on the other end can hear you but you can't hear them.

I'm guessing maybe something went wrong with the earpiece, but I have no idea what or if it's even fixable. So I'm now using a spare phone Ma had, which is a horrid beige lump of uninterestingness... but at least I can hear things on the very rare occasion I actually get a call.

Of course, now that Ma has finished searching for a new phone, looks like I'm going to be picking up that hunt myself. Or, like last time, I'm just going to end up on eBay again.

I also ended up making all of the cookies from the pre-made dough I had in the freezer once it defrosted on Monday. And because my oven is so fucking massive, and the tray thing that came in it was likewise massive, I did the whole thing in two batches (whereas the old oven I would have been lucky to do it in about ten... or else I would have overcrowded the trays and would have ended up with one giant cookie each time. They didn't turn out too bad... they're actually better once they've been in airtight containers for a little while... more chewy, less hard.

Other than that, some additional pottering around the house and finally putting together the Lego Scooby Doo Mystery Machine set I got at Christmas, there isn't much else to report.

Work was occasionally frustrating, but overall busy enough to keep my occupied. I still like my standing desk, although there may be a little too much standing for my poor old feet. I should probably should sit down more in the afternoons... but then I feel slightly guilty, and I've been standing up all day so far.

We also had drama with the work email system on Friday... I was the only one who could get into the communal email box for my team, and none of us could sent emails on behalf of that box. Hopefully it sorts itself out over the weekend and will be all up and running properly on Monday.

Today was possibly a little too much shopping...

I wasn't anywhere near organised by the time Ma got here... In fact I was still finishing making the bed, so we were a little later getting started than usual.

After having left over tuna mornay all week, I figure that it's as good a time as any to leap back into soup season... if for no other reason than I'm officially bored with salad. So I'm making a tomato soup this week. Possibly way too much tomato soup based on the number of tomatoes I bought. And also with considerable bacon, if I decide to use all the bacon.

Otherwise the supermarket was fairly standard.

After the usual unpacking and whatnot, we settled on a trip to IKEA so Ma could look at spice racks... on the way we first dropped into Haighs to ransack their collection of broken Easter eggs (although in the case of the milk chocolate, it ended up being broken and decapitated duckies) and then headed to our regular framing shop so that I could get the Martin Bedolla artwork I bought last year in Inktober framed.

And I've been there so many times now I didn't even wait for him to come and assist me, I just grabbed the matting I was thinking about to see if it worked (black with a very fine gold undermatt, it worked)... and as usual I went with simple, flat, matt black framing like most of the things I get framed. It's probably the easiest sale he has all day since I generally know what I want right away and all he has to do it write it up.

Then there was much wandering around IKEA, and possibly a little bit of buying things I'm not entirely sure I needed (but it was mostly storage stuff, so it probably won't go to waste). And you would think that the little strainer/plug things that go in sinks were something you could just buy... like they'd have a big tub full of them somewhere, all ready to go... but no, turns out you can only buy one if you buy the whole plumbing part part... the drain hole if you will. Thankfully the whole thing only cost $10, which is what I would have expected to pay for the plug anyway.

I was a little annoyed they no longer sell the very functional and cheap Nyttja frames, instead replacing them with the Fiskbo, which comes in the same colour range, but the frames are no longer completely flat. And if there's one thing that I like, it's a nice flat frame. Had I known they were phasing them out, I would have gone in and bought a couple of full sets of them, just so that I had them. I have a couple of spares still... but in some ways it's good that I don't really have that much wall space, it means I won't need to get any of those frames.

Ma didn't manage to find a spice rack, so we detoured around to Howard's Storage World at Mile End... where they had a spice rack that was pretty much what she was looking for. We also saw a couple of other things, but they were out of one of the containers Ma wanted, but they did at the Norwood store, so we headed on over there.

Every Saturday morning we go to the Baker's Delight on The Parade, which also happens to be right next to Nordburger... which I've wanted to try for a while now... but of course 8am really isn't the time... but since we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to drop in for lunch.

We went with the Nordburger, just to check out what the baseline was. With the tater tots... because it's fun to say tater tots. And a salted caramel shake... which was actually quite nice. Without sounding like a bitch, I have to say that it all ended up tasting a little bit "Burger Theory-lite"... the Nordburger was kind of like a mash-up between the Number 1 burger and the Pearl's cheeseburger... the "fry sauce" that I got with the tater tots was very close to Truck Sauce. The three main flaws were that the tater tots weren't overly hot, the burger patty was a little too squashed flat (tasty though, just really, really, really flat) and the bun could have done with about 30 seconds on the grill, just to warm it through slightly and take the slight damp feeling out of the bottom half.

I am really, really fussy when it comes to burgers though... but unlike most places where I'm all "yeah, nah", I could see myself going back to Nordburger at some point. Not regularly, but I wouldn't object to a return visit.

And that was about it really. A little bit more of a spendy day that I'd intended... but not a bad one.

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