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The word for this week is frustrating... mostly vaguely frustrating and predominately self inflicted but still...

As such, I'm going to skip most of the crazy I made myself throughout the week. Suffice to say, I went for a day trip to crazy town without knowing that's where I was going, but once I realised I booked my return ticket pretty much right away.

This week's soup, chicken and vegetable, was pretty damn successful... although I cooked what is most commonly referred to as a metric fuckton of it. So much so that it was within an inch of the top of the giant soup pot that I have. And that was without putting the chicken breasts in to poach (I had to poach them separately as it turns out). And I only blended three quarters of the soup, so it still had some vegetable chunks in it along with the chicken.

As mentioned above, the week was mostly frustrating, but otherwise kind of dull.

So, yeah, really not much else to say about the week itself.

Today was likewise slightly boring... we did the usual shopping thing this morning, and as it turn out I didn't really buy all that much stuff beyond what I need for making a potato, bacon and leek (plus probably corn and parsnip and in all likelihood, cheese) soup tomorrow. Then it was back here to unpack, and since we didn't really have any plans, I ended up washing all my dishes and getting things a little more organised in the kitchen (saves me having to do it tonight/tomorrow morning).

It was definitely one of those days where we sit and look at each other and go "so...", with neither of us having any real need to shop anywhere or desire to go anywhere.

In the end we kind of just went with a trip into the city, mostly for the wandering around, but also so that we could go and have lunch at Burger Theory.

I did end up buying some new jeans and picked up another one of the packs with the shampoo, conditioner, hair product and shave cream in it... and I just did the math real quick... the individual items add up to $104, but the pack only costs $40... which says quite a bit about how much they mark those items up when they're selling them on their own. It also means that those packs are always worth picking up whenever I see them.

From there it was mostly just random wandering until we grabbed some lunch at Burger Theory. The Burger of the Month isn't one of those flavour profiles (and yes, I know how wanky that sounds) that hits you over the head or is rapturous from the first bite, but if it was on the standard Burger Theory menu, I feel like it's something I would gravitate back to. It's the Burgza... a beef patty, marinara tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and salami chips. A good, solid BOTM.

And that was about it really... so, yeah, generally this week, a little bit blah.

Oh, and for the exactly none of you wondering... the tattoo is progressing nicely. The sunburned arm feeling faded pretty quickly, it still needs cream on it a couple of times a day and whenever it gets all dry and horrible, but otherwise it's doing well.

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