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Today has been pretty bottom-heavy with Fringe... In fact this whole week has been pretty damn heavy with Fringe, relatively speaking.

And as if a show each on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus three shows today (not to mention two tomorrow) wasn't enough, I also took myself to the movies on Wednesday before a late Fringe show. I also bought the ticket for one of the shows tomorrow on Friday on my way home after reading lackluster reviews of the show I'm scheduled to see Sunday evening. I'll still see it, but I wanted to balance it out with something everybody was raving about.

Yeah, insane person.

I also don't think I've gotten to bed before midnight all week long... So that's meant the consumption of many caffeinated products this week.

Otherwise work is work, I still baffle myself with how much stuff I actually know sometimes... It shouldn't baffle me, I've been there essentially forever and this time around I've been doing a job that's right in the wheelhouse of my skills, but there's always that slight feeling of imposter syndrome I guess.

Mostly I just know stuff. Who knew.

There's not really much else to report... It's work, home, Fringe, stay up too late, rinse, repeat.

Oh, I discovered a store that sells almost nothing but Funko Pop Vinyls on my way home on Friday... took a detour, and bam! Resisted the urge to buy anything, but it was difficult.

As I said though, today was mostly about Fringe...

The other downside to being in and out all week and losing most of Friday night to other activities is that my place (which is still a little bit of a bombsite anyway) was essentially a hot mess. Or cold mess, depending.

I attempted minimal organisation of some of the easier bits first thing this morning, then got ready in time for Ma's arrival.

The new supermarket is still too new... In a lot of ways, it's kind of cross between the one at the North Adelaide Village and the one at Northpark where we used to shop... weird. Weird and new.

And this morning we crossed another name off the list of check out chicks to visit. No, just no. And if you need to wear that much eye-makeup that early in the morning then you have some problems.

Although the perky Asian boy at Bakers Delight is still very sweet.

After shopping we came back to my place, unpacked everything and then headed over to the Village so I could grab some Kransky sausages (and be served by the cutest little blonde princess boy who I will happily visit again) and generally poke around a bit.

I also finally got around to throwing the last of the wrapping newspaper and butchers paper out... Kaloo kalay!

Then we headed into the city, mostly to check out stuff at Crumpler and have a general wander.

The wandering was sufficiently wandery... Ma bought a new bag at Crumpler, and I would have bought the same bag in a different colour but they only had silver/grey and black. And my current bag is black, so no.

Thankfully the Internet had one in "claret" which will be on its way to me Monday.

Other than that it was mostly a couple of bits and pieces to make life slightly less complicated in the new place.

Then we headed back to my place, grabbed some lunch from the cute little place in the Village that has already become a go-to and came back here to eat it.

Ma had brought down some more net curtains, including the ones I had on the lounge windows at Childers Street, which cover the bedroom window perfectly so nobody can see in. Yay, actual light in the bedroom. She also brought an extra piece for the kitchen window so now it's much harder to see in from outside.

I also washed the two sinks-worth of dirty dishes I've been avoiding all week (yeah, I know, shut up).

And then it was time to head into the city for back-to-back-to-back Fringe shows (more on that later). We started in The Garden at 3:30 and finished up at Tandanya at 9:30.


I know I say this every year... but really the problem with the Fringe as far as I'm concerned is "other people"... But then that's generally the problem with everything.

We didn't really think through the dinner options properly though and ended up getting adequate but unremarkable yiros then following it up with the Frozen Custard of the Month at Burger Theory which was very nice.

After the last show we headed down North Terrace to take in the Fringe Illuminations...

fringe illuminations - roll upfringe illuminations - lovely ladies

fringe illuminations - night circusfringe illuminations - under the sea

Essentially it's the same idea that they did in 2008 and again in 2010, except that this time the designs animate... which is interesting... but perhaps the designs as a whole weren't as strong as they're relying on the animation rather than a fixed image to hold your attention.

It's also the last weekend that they'll be on, so the street was heaving with people.

And that was about it really... all in all a very big day.

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