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I feel like I should have put together a post like the one I made when I left my old apartment... a catalogue of thoughts and memories of the last two years and what-have-you. But I realised about midway through the week when I'd attempted to start said post at least twice that essentially it's not something I feel like I can write.

There are two main reasons... the first being that the last two years in this apartment are pretty much laid out in either my blog, my Twitter or my Instagram... highs, lows, annoying neighbours, food prepared, home decor experiments, finally having more art on the walls than sitting on the floor, breaking my thumb, putting my back out again... it's all already there. Or at least as much of it as I'm probably willing to share.

The second is mostly that I don't really feel like I've been in this apartment long enough to make really significant memories... it literally feels like yesterday that I was watching the moving guys carry boxes up the stairs while I stood around feeling vaguely useless. And on Saturday that happens again but in reverse.

The other part of that is that I feel no sense of excitement about this move. There's a sense of relief that I don't have to continue to look for somewhere and that I won't be homeless/have to go and stay with Ma when my time runs out (which would have been doubly annoying in that I would have had to pay for movers twice). But that's it...

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I'm not happy about the move, I'm not excited to get to the new place, I'm even less excited to be setting up the new place which will mean having to buy more furniture. In fact this whole experience just involves me spending a whole bunch of money I don't want to spend to do something that isn't a positive step forward for me.

This also includes an unscheduled trip tomorrow morning to the mechanic since the brakes in my car have decided to be very, very, very spongy over the past week, and I'm going to need them a lot over the next month or so.

And yes, I know I sound like a Negative Nancy (plus I've said this all before, in a variety of ways)... and I may very well get over myself in a month or two, but I kinda doubt it. This is what it is for the period of time that it needs to be a thing, and then hopefully I get to move forward into something better and overall more suitable to my needs.

Given that I'm not sure when I lose my phone line and hence all my internet tomorrow, I figured I'd do a little bit of a recap of this week now, since the remainder of it will probably be covered by the moving in post once I finally get my internets back, hopefully by the end of next week.

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It's kind of a short round-up to be honest...

Sunday, after a whole day on Saturday of packing all my worldly possessions into boxes, Ma came back down and we spent the whole day packing more of my worldly possessions into boxes. By the end of the day we were at 35 boxes (including 5 boxes full of artworks), the kitchen cupboards were pretty empty beyond actual foodstuff I mostly didn't really need through this week and crockery to eat said foodstuffs, my wardrobe was just clothes plus my old laptop and the original 1970's platform shoes that used to belong to Raury and all that was left to pack was either the difficult/delicate stuff or the random stuff we just never got to. I did manage to pack a box on Tuesday night, but my heart wasn't really in it. That's what tomorrow is for to be honest. And Saturday morning before the movers show up.

I continued to unofficially catalogue "lasts" in my head all week too... the last time I'll hear rain cascading from the guttering next door and making that noisy but satisfying "tin roof" noise on my place... the last time I'll make soup in this apartment (very successful potato, leek, bacon and cheese soup for the record)... the last time I'll get laid in this apartment (last Sunday evening)... the last time I'll catch that particular bus to work and walk home in that particular direction... and the last time I'll drive that specific route to get to Tink's place to get my hair did.

Which brings me nicely around to earlier this evening when I did in fact head to Tink's place to get my hair did.

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It was pretty much a semi-standard visit... the only main difference was that because we're still dealing with the fallout from my blue hair (and the fact that the colour we covered it with gave off a vaguely green hue in certain light) we couldn't just go back to my regular colour.

Instead we went with some foils and some gentler bleach, so it's got a lot of colour variation going on, which is nice. And according to Tink we can go back to the usual colour next time.

Other than that we generally just talked about random things as we usually do... with my housing/moving trials and tribulations being the main discussion point.

So this is pretty much where I'm going to leave this post... and come Saturday, this apartment. I've loved my time here (or at the very least my minor niggles have dramatically been overshadowed by everything that was great about this place), I'm legitimately more sad to leave this place than I have been any other place I've lived. It came along at exactly the right time and saved me from a very, very different and probably much less enjoyable couple of years.

Goodbye little house... and I'll see the rest of you on the flipside once I'm all moved in to the new place.

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