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adelaide fringe - bruce
Who knew that there could be so much personality in a single beat-up piece of yellow sponge and a couple of eyeballs.

Actually it's probably more accurate to say who knew that there could be so many different and interesting personalities crammed into a single sponge.

But Bruce is just brimming over with personality, and not just Bruce but Debbie and One Eyed Joe and The Old Man and all the other characters brought to life by Tim Watts and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd.

Bruce is an astronaut, a junkie, a writer, a father and a policeman and Watts and Nixon-Lloyd bring him and the other crazy inhabitants of his world brilliantly to life with little more than white gloves, great lighting, the brilliant physicality of the two performers and the range of voices they give to the characters... along with some excellent music selections.

I wasn't completely sure where the story was going at the beginning. It starts with a couple of scenes pulled out of order, and I did wonder at first if they were going for a whole Memento/backwards storytelling thing (which could have been interesting in a whole different way), but then it kicked into gear and it all ties together brilliantly by the end of the show and was even better than I was expecting.

And it has a little of everything... comedy, action, romance, drama, science fiction and even a musical number, all while being thoroughly entertaining and engaging.

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