fringe: exposing edith

adelaide fringe: exposing edith
Full disclosure, never in the ninety seven Fringe shows I've seen since 2009 have I gotten the time of the show so very wrong and shown up half-way through a performance. So anything I have to say is based on the second half of the show.

And the second part of full disclosure, this was always a show I picked out for Ma... Edith Piaf is much more her thing than mine.

Okay, with all of that out of the way...

Exposing Edith is the story of French singer Edith Piaf, and mixes stories of her life with impressions of the lady herself and many of her songs.

Michaela Burger inhabits the Little Sparrow quite wonderfully... the songs were beautifully performed and the occasional use of loop effects on the microphone were well used.

There is often a slight disconnect in this type of show if the performer switches between an impression of someone and their own natural voice. I sometimes think it may be better for them to stay in character for the whole show, although then I guess it's hard to talk about certain aspects of the performer when you're also being that performer.

In any event Burger walked the line quite well... her Piaf impression felt very authentic... or it channelled an older French woman perfectly, I don't really know enough about Piaf but I'm guessing it was a fairly accurate impression.

I do feel that if we'd shown up on time I would now know considerably more about her though, the biography information between songs was quite interesting.

Burger's accompanist, Greg Wain on guitar, also joined her for a couple of numbers towards the end which was nice, he's clearly a talented singer in his own right.

I just wish that we'd seen the whole thing.

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