lego minifigures series 15

lego minifigures series 15
I think this is the first time that I've actually blogged the line-up for a series of minifigures AFTER I've bought the set.

Part of the problem was that I couldn't find the usual graphic anywhere... which is the same problem I had with the last series to be honest(turns out I kept looking on the USA version of the Lego website not the UK version).

The line-up for the fifteenth series (and the eighteenth overall) is:
  • Wrestling Champion
  • Janitor
  • Kendo Fighter
  • Jewel Thief
  • Astronaut
  • Flying Warrior
  • Tribal Woman
  • Laser Mech
  • Farmer
  • Ballerina
  • Faun
  • Queen
  • Shark Suit Guy
  • Frightening Knight
  • Clumsy Guy
  • Animal Control Officer
My absolute favourite from this set is the Faun... he has a unique set of legs and an adorable set of horns and ears attached to his hair. I'm also quite fond of the Jewel Thief, the Shark Suit Guy and the Ballerina. The Queen is also pretty amazing since it's the first time we've seen a skirt like that... and she matches the King from Series 13 perfectly.

I was also surprised to see that there are two very large animal pieces, the pig and the skunk. And is it just me or does the farmer look a hell of a lot like Steve Jobs?

As far as I understand, the Tribal Woman is the first instance of a Lego baby and she's also the first female Native American we've had in the minifig collection.

I kinda wish they'd gone all the way with the Flying Warrior and just made his face and arms gold too... I don't mind him though with his eagle helmet and wings.

As for the ones I'm not that bothered by... well, that's essentially the Laser Mech (do we really need another "mech"?), the Janitor and the Animal Control Officer... her skunk is cool, but she's a bit bland overall.

For the usual detailed look at the series, take a look at White Fang's review over at Eurobricks.

Rumour has it that the next series is going to be Disney themed or at least that there's a Disney series coming, so that'll be interesting... granted if they go with the moulded heads like The Simpsons I could be less interested, but I'm looking forward to seeing what/who they come up with.

Personally I'm hoping for a Lilo and a Stitch and as many of the villainesses that they want to cram in there. Given that they've already got a mould for the bottom half of a genie, I can pretty much guarantee there will be Genie from Aladdin though.

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