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I haven't done one of these posts in a couple of weeks, mostly because there hasn't been a whole lot of anything to report...

The week before Christmas started out fairly busy but ended up being pretty damn quiet... so quiet in fact that we had several very involved conversations about movies (specifically the new Star Wars movie), and Christmas Eve was pretty dull... and Newbie and I ended up cleaning out the two work fridges which were both full of contains growing all kinds of interesting lifeforms and things with used by dates in the early part of 2015.

Then because my supermarket was shut last Saturday, I ended up doing my shopping, solo, on Sunday. I had a poke around Target just to see if there was anything good in their post-Christmas sales... and other than a set of twelve assorted flavoured salad dressings, olive oils, soy sauces and salts (which should all come in useful for salad dressings) and a Lego Dimensions set, there wasn't much of interest.

As I mentioned in my New Years post, I only worked two of the three working days between Christmas and New Year... but unlike last year when I think I ended up working on various blog posts or at the very least twiddling my thumbs at certain points, I spent the two days working on the process manual for my area.

I'd given it to Newbie to work on about a month and a half ago, but somehow she'd managed to not get anywhere with it... granted partly that was because we were really busy in the build up to Christmas, but I got more done in two days than I think she managed in a month. I'd partly given it to her because I wanted to avoid doing it myself, but I think I'll get her to cover the other jobs while I keep working on the manual.

Other than that I also spent a lot of time since Christmas playing Lego Dimensions, so much so that I finished the main game last night. Granted it's not a hugely long game, and there is a replay value if I want to pick up additional sets to allow me to complete more of the special content. But I still have the Doctor Who and Portal 2 level packs to play through, so I'll see how I feel after those. I'm partially tempted by some of the sets since they're a relatively cheap way to get certain minifigures... plus I want to see what other Level packs they bring out in future.

I'm also planning on writing a full review after I do the two additional levels.

All of which rolls us neatly around to today.

It was nice to be able to actually sleep in my bed again (well, more specifically in the bedroom)... and to wake up naturally chilly as opposed to being cold from the aircon.

When Ma rocked up we headed off to the supermarket and did the little bit of shopping we needed... mostly fresh stuff.

After that, and the associated upacking, I wanted to drop some change off at my bank ($125 worth of change to be precise... and that was only from the unsorted stuff... I need a whole ton of new bags for the rest of it), only to discover they've been closed since Christmas Eve and won't open again until Monday.

From there it was into the city... Ma had a couple of things she wanted to look at, I didn't really, but I hadn't really had a poke around at anything in the after Christmas sales, so figured it was worth a look.

Short version of the story... no, it really wasn't. Ma found a couple of the things she wanted, and we poked around a few other stores, but nothing caught my eye.

We also stopped off for some dumplings and then headed off to the Mile End Homemaker Centre to find me a new mattress protector. I discovered when I was changing my bed at New Years that my old mattress protector isn't protecting shit anymore... not really surprising given that I've had the same one since I got the bed in 2009... yeah, I know... but it's one of those things that you never give any thought to.

And we'd looked in Target earlier, but they had every size except for a double... so I figured one of the specialist bed shops would have the right size... and since this was the store I originally bought the bed from, it was a good place to start. It turned out to be a very good idea, because it was cheaper, I think, than the ones that were on sale in Target.

Then I spent entirely too much money on a new evaporative cooler in Good Guys... it's the same model that Ma bought before Christmas, and I think that I'm going to ditch my pedestal fan (since it was only a really, really, really cheap one I bought from Target at the end of 2014 I think) and use the evaporative in it's place... plus it doesn't make up all that much more footprint-wise, and it will be good for the days when I want more than a fan, but don't really want to put the full air-con on.

It was excessively expensive though, given that I've never paid more than about $100 for an evaporative in the past, and the pedestal fan was about $15.

But hopefully it keeps going much longer than all the other ones I've had.

That was about it really...

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