the last of the christmas saturday shopping

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Today's refrain went a little something like... "I'm too old for this shit".

By which I mean, too old for my body to find continual ways to sabotage me. Honestly, I've just been exhausted all damn day. Part of that is to do with my back... but this general lethargy is something I'm not a fan of.

Anyway... I stayed in bed as long as I could this morning to try and make up for the lack of sleep over the last couple of days... I'm not entirely sure it was successful, but hopefully I get another run at it tomorrow morning.

Our supermarket run was both slow (mostly due to me) and more expensive than normal, mostly due to buying things for Christmas goodie making next week. I didn't really end up with a whole heap of stuff though, since I really didn't have much of anything after the last week and my total lack of desire to cook anything.

And sadly our regular check-out girl wasn't on today... so we had to suffer through a dufus who knew nothing... but it's not like there's a lot of choice at that time in the morning, they only tend to have a couple of check outs open, which seems dumb to me.

 We only had a couple of errands to run today... mostly things Ma wanted. If I hadn't been feeling so incredibly flat I might have suggested a ride out to IKEA, but between the flatness and not wanting to sit in the car for all that long, it seemed like the better plan was to skip it.

Our first stop was the Flinder Street Markets. We missed out on their big Christmas market last weekend unfortunately... in fact I only discovered that it was on on Saturday night, so that was a bit of waste. The specific stall Ma wanted wasn't there, but we wandered around briefly and had a look at what was there.

Since we were headed past Victoria Square we decided to stop off and have a look at the little Market thing they had set up there. It was more food with bits of craft and stuff than a proper market, but fortunately the stall Ma had been looking for at Flinders Street was actually there and she found the things she'd been looking for.

There wasn't much else of interest there so we headed down to Arndale, sorely in need of a beverage break. After a quick Boost, we had a general wander around Arndale, Ma found the things she was after, I found a couple of really nice looking and cheap Disney story books for Tink's girls (it's an All Book Christmas for them this year), and a stuffed Bulbasaur that Ma ended up buying for me to put into the Christmas abyss.

And that was it really... we'd done the full wander, gotten all the things, so we called it a day and Ma shuffled off home.

Thankfully we've already reached that tipping point with Christmas stuff... I'm just waiting for two parcels to arrive from the Internetz for Ma, and I have to get her some nougat like every year, and that's it.

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