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This week has been a vast improvement on last week... if only because I didn't feel like I was lurching from one disaster to another the whole week.

My ears have improved a fair bit, they're still not perfect but they are definitely on the mend. Now I just need to remember to actually use my nasal spray and hopefully it will be all cleared up before I'm supposed to go back to the ENT.

My back is still a little problematic, but I've been to the chiro twice this week and I have another appointment on Monday to try and whip it into shape before they go on Christmas break until mid January.

Work has been... up and down. I go for half the day with my new jobs coming in, and then like this afternoon, suddenly there were four jobs in the space of five minutes. Then the Powers That Be decided that the Friday before Christmas is exactly the time that something needs to be desperately urgently done at 3:30pm. Fortunately I got to do half of it and then leave the rest of it in H-San's capable hands... but still... WTF.

There was also work drinks tonight... and up until all my ear and back related drama, I was excited to go, but even at the end of last week I just wasn't feeling it. So I let everybody (well, the people who were actually at work today, and were intending to go... which was a much smaller number than the actual number of staff) go off and do their thing and I dragged my tired little butt home.

This Thursday was also my pre-Christmas haircut... as well as being proof of the power of positive thinking... or something. I've been thinking on and off for the last week or so that it would be nice if Baby Tink wasn't quite settled when I rocked up to see Tink, since I've only seen her the once and she was tiny and grizzly and I had a cold so I didn't want to hold her and pass it on.

But this time I got mucho baby cuddles. She's such a serious little thing, but I did make her laugh a few times, which is always nice.

We did the usual thing with my hair... shorter and blonder... and just generally chatted about this, that and the other.

I'd also taken some presents for the kids, all books, and Tink was very appreciative. She said I didn't have to... and I know that, but it's nice to be able to buy things for little kids, it gets much harder when they're older, but when they're still little it's fun. And I don't really have little kids in the extended family any more, so it's nice.

Oh, and I just booked my tickets for the Brick-A-Laide, the Adelaide LEGO convention next April. Yes, it's a while away, but given how quickly the tickets sold out for the Bricktopia event this year, and the fact this one is going to be in a much bigger venue, so I'm not taking any chances.

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