painless post-christmas shopping adventures

post christmas vacation
For a post-Christmas shopping excursion, today wasn't too bad.

Granted today wasn't Boxing Day, and we stayed far, far, far away from the city (because, honestly, you'd have to be batshit crazy to go anywhere near the city the first few days after Christmas), but the places we did go were fairly calm.

Ma arrived with a larger collection of the Christmas goodies for me. I didn't have much room in my fridge on Christmas Day, so I only brought a tiny bit of stuff back with me, but other than some extra Rocky Road, I'm happy with the stuff she brought down.

She also brought down my present from La Cousina and Co... I say present, but it was cold hard cash, which is always preferable... and I just suddenly had the thought that I may need to take a look and see who has the Emmett mech suit from The Lego Movie still available, since it wasn't too far off the money I got. Then of course I have to work out where the fuck I'm going to put the thing.

Neither of us necessarily needed a lot of stuff... I still had a bunch of stuff left over from earlier this week (not to mention the week before), so we pretty much made it out of there with much less shopping than usual.

And also, fuck all the supermarkets who were sold out of Brandy Custard... especially Coles who were selling it out for $1 and were sold out, but also Woolworth who had it, but were charging $4... I bought some anyway, but it was a little annoying.

We also had a poke around Target, for no real reason, other than the fact that I wanted to see if they had some of the Twinings Christmas Tea marked down. And they did... so woohoo. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those things where it smells far superior to the way it tastes, but if that's the case, I'll just put some in a little bowl and let the smell waft through the apartment.

After that we came back here, I had to play tech support as Ma tried to upload the new calendar wallpapers onto her phone (and I swear, I had to repeat the exact same instructions to her three times before they stuck), and then her buying a song on iTunes and syncing that to her phone (including her having a complete senior moment on how to sync, never mind the fact she'd already done it THREE times already within about ten minutes).

We decided to take our proverbial lives into our hands and head out to IKEA. We both needed frames for things we got for Christmas, and I also discovered that the one fucking year that we don't go out to IKEA in the lead up to Christmas, is the one fucking year that the majority of their Christmas decorations feature a FUCKING TOY SOLDIER! Grrrr.

Mostly we just did the major loop upstairs, in fact we could have skipped it entirely, but they seem to have changed a bunch of stuff around since the last time we were there, and I kinda like seeing all the stuff laid out in little pretend rooms.

stala lamp
Ma slightly lost her mind when we got to their new little stationery section... they've got all these cute little notepads and gift bags and great little gift boxes you could use as regular boxes and whatnot. And stationery is our general family Kryptonite.

I got out of the whole excursion reasonably lightly... although I impulse bought the cutest little battery powered lamp (the Strala, as seen right)... I have no damn clue what the hell I'm going to do with it (although it may be useful as mood lighting the next time I get laid)... but it was too cute to pass up.

And although they didn't have the whole collection of toy soldier Christmasware, they did have some GINORMOUS red gift bags as well as some gorgeous gold and white paper with the same design on it.

I also bought a second rug to go under my other chair in the lounge... there may need to be a third one to actually have as a rug, although I'm not completely sure yet.

And weirdly there weren't anywhere near as many people in the store as we expected there too be... and because people are basically sheep, there were whole checkouts that you could just walk up to and be the next person served. So that was all pretty damn easy.

We'd talked about going to the movies, but to be honest I kind of wasn't in the mood to go and sit in a dark room for a couple of hours, plus there weren't as many good things that opened on Boxing Day than I thought there were going to be, so we'll save them for the next time we go to the movies.

Instead we came back here (and I saw my new neighbour from the ground floor, since I realised when I went downstairs last night to throw my rubbish out that someone has finally moved into the empty apartment under mine... took long enough), and then went to the North Adelaide Village to grab a couple of things we forgot this morning and then grabbed some lunch at Cibo before running out of the cafe after the most annoying woman decided to sit right behind us.

So that was pretty much the day... much less painless that I thought it might have been.

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