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I decided to wrap Ma's presents tonight, since we weren't going to the movies... and I figured I'd give myself tomorrow night off.

I did the same thing I've done with Ma's presents since 2010, everything gets wrapped in tissue paper, tied up with a ribbon and then put into a larger container. But unfortunately, as I mentioned last year, the Matryoshka bag I've be reusing every year finally gave up the ghost... which is kind of sad.

So this year, I'm using the very lovely and shiny (but very cheap) box I snagged at Target a couple of years ago.

I had a tiny panic attack earlier today when I realised that I hadn't actually grabbed any of the tissue paper from Ma's place on Sunday, and while I knew I had a big bag of various and sundry bits of tissue mostly left over from Ma's birthday presents, I didn't think any of it was especially Christmasy. Thankfully it turned out I had enough green and red, plus some silver, to get the job done.

As always I tried to make sure that Ma had a bunch of things that were a surprise... then there are the "traditional" presents, the nougat and the calendar, which I make sure she has every year.

Other than that, it's pretty much a mixed bag of her interests...
  • Stephen Fry "More Fool Me" autobiography
  • Citt√† Dalle Acque 2015 calendar and matching iPhone wallpapers
  • S.T.A.M.P.S Watch
  • Hallmark 2014 snowman ornament
  • Joshua Smith "The Dancer" print 
  • Tread and Pedals inner-tube feather earrings
  • Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style perfume (Music, Love and G)
  • Ghibli City tee
  • The Wind Rises DVD
  • Funko glow-in-the-dark Olaf vinyl figure
  • Haighs dark chocolate freckles
  • Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Nougat
Unfortunately because I didn't want to roll up the Joshua Smith artwork just in case I damaged it somehow, I haven't really been able to "wrap" that... I'm just going to have to wing how I give it to her... it'll either be the very first thing, or the very last thing. In either case I think it's going to get the biggest reaction.

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