sparce saturday shopping

This is either going to be a really, really short post or else I'm going to do it in stages...

Because there isn't a hell of a lot going on.

And there hasn't been much that was noteworthy going on this week, which is why I skipped my usual Friday post in favour of playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations...

The only real thing of note that happened during the week was yesterday when we did the training for our new web content management system at work. Not that we HAVE the new system yet, but it's a billion times better than the current system and once we really get in there and start using it, it's going to be able to do a bunch of interesting things.

Today has been somewhat anticlimactic really...

I got up, tidied up a little, got ready, headed downstairs... again, I literally got out to the street as Ma was pulling up in her car... always freaky.

And we did the usual supermarket thing... then did a wander around Target and I bought a couple of new shirts for work. Also, insert semi-regular complaint about Target not stocking plain, white crew socks in my size... I don't want none of that quarter or half crew nonsense, gimme the full crew.

Then we came back here, unpacked and kind of sat around looking at each other and poking ourselves in the eye since we're going out to a play tonight, but literally had nothing to fill in the day between here and there.

We thought about a couple of things, but I didn't just want to wander around shops and spend money, and I couldn't be bothered just "going out in the sunshine"... that shit is overrated anyway. So in the end, Ma packed up her car and headed back home to do her own thing for the day and she'll head back here around 4 or thereabouts so we can go and get some dinner and whatnot.

So, yeah, that's about as exciting as my day has been thus far.

Let's leave this post open and see if anything more interesting develops...

That was noon... now it's 11pm.

I pretty much spent a large slab of the day playing Assassin's Creed. And the Ma came down and we wandered down O'Connell Street to Tony Tomatoes, the new pizza place that's in the store that used to be the video shop back when people actually watched VHS videos.

And I happened to notice that the video store itself which moved across the street years ago had finally closed down, which is a bit sad... end of an era and all that... especially considering that my former flatmate, Ludo, and I used to go regularly.

Anyway, we had a really nice prosciutto pizza, which was essentially just prosciutto, cheese and one very lonely basil leaf. The pizza was ready really fast though, and I was impressed that they quite literally sliced the prosciutto fresh onto the pizza.

Then after dinner we wandered back to my place, got changed and headed out to The Bakehouse Theatre to see The Last Continent.

So a different day from usual given that we didn't do any of the things we usually do, but it turned out okay in the end.

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