photo friday: beach boys

tattooed surferwalking the beach

taking a breakbeach towel with beard

kiss my thumb at you sirripcurl guy

dragging the boardbondi runner
There is, once again, not a lot to report for this week...

I get up, I go for my morning walk (for three fifths of the week), I come home, I get ready, I go to work.

I spend all day at work, for four fifths of the week I don't even leave the office at lunch, I finish work, I walk home.

When I get home I pretty much just stay there. Such is my very dull life. Which of course, makes for a fairly dull blog... for which I apologise... especially since I pretty much gave up on Random Hotness Thursdays, my blog definitely feels very Friday/Saturday heavy.

And I feel like I've told some version of that story at least ten times now.

I didn't really even have work to spice up my week this week. Things have been a little too spaced out for most of the week, although there have been a few frantic elements just to get the old blood pumping.

I also finished Assassin's Creed II at the end of last week, which made me just want to replay AC: Brotherhood, but instead of diving into the next game or wading through the slightly more frustrating first AC game, I've put AC aside for now to have a good solid thrash at LA Noire. Sadly I'm not sure that I'll necessarily get the maximum out of that game since I suck pretty damn hardcore at the driving elements (I really do think that the driving mechanic is somewhat broken since the steering is WAY too sensitive and the cars get caught on things they wouldn't in the real world) and some of the action elements. But it's definitely an interesting and different game from anything else I've ever played.

But I am still a little itchy to dive back into the world of AC with AC: Revelations... so I don't think it will be too long before I climb back into the Animus and strap on the Hidden Blades.

It's also been wonderfully geeky because one of the girls at work, Herschel, was the reason I dived back into AC, and she and I have had a number of very nerdy conversations about both AC and Noire. Plus she went to Europe earlier in the year and when she was showing me photos this week, I kept having massive déjà vu that I'd climbed any number of the buildings, particularly photos taken in Rome and Venice. Yeah, I know, massive dork alert.

Dripgate continues... not so much with actual dripping, although one did reoccur on Monday night, very briefly between when I went to bed and when I got up again. I think most probably that was more to do with the wind than the actual rain, since it was blowing a gale. I'm still not prepared to move all my furniture back into its correct places yet though, just in case disaster strikes. And I still haven't heard back from my land agent after I messaged him on Tuesday asking if there was an actual ETA on when the repairs would start. He's always been excellent about getting back to me (other than perhaps once when I emailed him about something), so I'll need to get back in touch with him next week.

My chiro appointment was later than usual today, so I hung around work for a little while longer than normal and then went for a wander... dropped into Haighs for some chocolate goodness and then dropped in to the comic book shop for a random poke around.

On the way home I stopped to take a closer look at the new Jamie's Italian restaurant and check out the menu... and they do have the Tutti Fruitti Lemon Meringue Pie... so bonus there! We will definitely have to take a visit there in the very near future.

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