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This has been a truly shiteful week.

So much so that it ranks up there with the way I always felt living at the old place and haven't really felt to any strong degree since I moved in here in January.

And once again, it's all about water... water in places it shouldn't be.

Monday I got up, didn't go for my walk for reasons that escape me now (I think I woke up late) but after I'd had my shower and was getting dressed, I either heard a dripping noise or I went over the close a window and discovered that the little bookcase by the door was dripping with water, the carpet was wet, all the shelves were wet... water, water everywhere.

The dripping water that had previously been 99% confined to the wall over the front door had gone on vacation, had wandered down the wall and was dripping from the wall over the bookcase for goodness knows how long (at the very least all night long, since I think it only started raining around midnight on Sunday).

So there was a mad panic to pull the artwork off the wall (IKEA cardboard backed frame, ruined... signed Tyler Oakley designed poster, thankfully okay), unpack everything from the bookshelf... DVD's, tchotchkes, books and papers... and drag the bookcase over to the kitchen. Thankfully there were only a couple of things that had any water damage... a few things were wet but dried out with no ill effects. But my back of Phase 10 cards are all a little wonky now, and the cardboard box my Scar mask was in from The Lion King musical soaked up more water than was good for it. But given everything that was in and around that area, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Even the bookcase made it out relatively free from issues, if only because it was tilted slightly forward and the water ran off the front and not off the back where the MDF/particular board was more exposed.

When I got to work I called my land agent, he called the strata people who informed him that even though I reported this issue back in May, they were still three weeks away from getting it fixed. And the fun and games of this week don't seem to have improved that time-frame at all.

My land agent was great though, he asked if I needed any buckets or storage bins to collect the water, or additional towels, all of which I said yes to, which turned out to be a good plan.

Then on Tuesday I woke up, got up to head to the bathroom and once again heard the ominous dripping noise. So I headed into the living room to check on the towel/storage bin combo, only to tread on wet carpet in the middle of the floor. It took me a minute or two to work out what the hell was going on, but it appeared that the water was on the move as it was now not only dripping out of the smoke alarm over by the window, but also it had filled up the light fitting in the middle of the room and the water was running over the top and dripping into the middle of the carpet.

And when I say filled up the light fitting, it's a big frosted glass bowl of a shade the size of a big salad bowl... and it was FULL of water.

Thankfully I pretty much NEVER turn on that particular light, otherwise I could have either electrocuted myself or blown the fuses for the whole house/building. In fact I was lucky that I hadn't done that the night before when the land agent came over, I turned on the light so he could see the dripping better, and did think at the time that the light looked odd. Turns out it was just a third full of dirty/rusty water at the time.

Then there was another call to the land agent on Tuesday morning, and he got a plumber out to see if he could at least attempt to temporarily seal some holes to stop the water from wandering all the way across the living room ceiling.

The dripping from the wall only held off between when we headed out to the movies and when I got home again, but so far (touch wood) the water hasn't returned to the light or the smoke alarm. But I also haven't moved the buckets from under either of them... just in case.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I woke up on Wednesday with the beginnings of a sore/swollen throat, which I think is my semi-annual bout of quasi-tonsillitis... not enough to knock me around or to cause me to miss work, but just enough to invoke a general malaise (which is one of the symptoms).

So my living room floor has been a disaster area all week long, with buckets of water arranged in strategic places just in case (although I moved them this evening since it's been fine all week), all my artworks stacked up against the bookcases and the whole north-western corner of the room stripped bare (but shoved into the rest of the room).

And there's water running down the wall... just in one spot, but still.

Then tomorrow I have to call out the RAA to get my car running so I can take it to the mechanic.

So believe me when I say with all possible verisimilitude... fuck this fucking shit in it's fuckitty fuck hole.

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