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black and white surferblack and white surfer
black and white surferblack and white surfer
Well, at least this week I got some kind of idea of what my new apartment will be like come winter time... which is to say, if I leave the wrong combination of windows open, a very chilly wind tunnel.

So much so that on Wednesday morning, I left the front door open when I came back from my walk, but the wind was a little gusty and knocked my framed Aquabumps photo right off the bookshelf taking almost everything else with it! Thankfully it didn't break, although the really cheap box frame I have a photo in that I took did come apart but some superglue seems to have fixed that right up. And I stuck the Aquabumps frame down with some double sided stickytape, so hopefully that will prevent it happening again.

But I've been wearing a hoodie, and long pants, and socks... it's been crazy (good, but crazy... and I'm hoping that the hot weather doesn't return with a vengeance in the middle of March).

I'm six shows into what has become a seventeen show Fringe season after I succumbed to The Vaudevillians on Sunday, and I realised that I always forget the things that I like about this time of year.

By the end of Fringe I'm usually tired of the people and a little bit sleep deprived and generally all out of words from writing so many reviews so I forget the good stuff... like the city (or certain parts of it anyway) being full of people all the time. And especially those people who you only ever see at Fringe time... or at least that I don't tend to run into or mix with at any other time of the year.

And then there's all the accents... I've heard more different accents in the past week than I think I've heard in about a year. It's always fun when someone opens their mouth and this whole different soundscape comes out. It's one of the things that I love about Sydney too (and Melbourne).

Then there's also seeing "famous" people (you know, anybody who's been on the telly) right out in the street... so far this year I've seen Cal Wilson, an Umbilical Brother (the one with all the hair) and a male comedian who I loathe so I won't even mention his name. I know that they're just regular people and they're working comedians, so they're on the road doing gigs all the time (for the most part), but it's always a little bit odd to be walking down Rundle Street and see them coming the other way.

I've been looking around for a new landline phone since I moved in... my old cordless phone, which had definitely seen better days, gave up the ghost and while it could have just done with a new battery in the handset, I was pretty much over it. And Ma came to the rescue as usual with an old handset she had around the place, but I wanted something a little bit fancier.

Unfortunately there just aren't landline phones anywhere for sale... or at least not beyond the same few boring designs. So I turned to the interwebz... specifically eBay and found a couple of fantastic phones, one of which I bought and which showed up yesterday.

It's an updated version of a 1950's phone, the kind you expect Humphrey Bogart to be talking to somebody on... I totally fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and now that it's sitting on the kitchen bench I'm even more in love with it (even if it's not actually plugged into the phone line yet since I need an extension jack first).

My thumb is feeling better... although I did lose the velcro strap holding it together. Well, I didn't really lose it, it's also on the kitchen counter but the hook piece that was holding it on inside my palm came off on Tuesday, it'd lost all it's stickem... I tried repairing it with double sided sticky tape, but that didn't last very long so I improvised a solution using part of one of those elasticised bandages, which has been pretty damn successful. I think it's bonded to the hook section of velcro on the back of my hand, and it's easy to get on and off when I need to. Whether or not it's a permanent solution or not I don't know, but it's working out for now.

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