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Saturday, March 18, 2006

stamps 2006You know those days when you don't feel like you've actually accomplished much... it's one of those... and it's only half over...

Today is our State Election, so I toddled off down the road before 9 this morning to vote, ignored all the dumbass people offering me "How To Vote" papers (seriously, I'll vote how I damn well want to vote, not how you want me to vote), and this time managed to go straight into the school hall where the voting was being held, and straight into a booth to cast my vote (whereas last time we had one of these elections I didn't vote until much later and had to stand in line for what felt like hours)... Usually with these things I start off numbering things from the bottom up (especially since I got caught out once because I missed out a number and had to go back and renumber everything)... get rid of the wacko parties first... One Nation (racist), Family First (homophobic), all the stupid independant parties (No Rodeo Cruelty, Legalise This, Support That... I mean, c'mon, it might as well be the Homicidal Clown party).

And who did I vote for up at the top, I hear you ask? The only two parties with strong records on gay rights issues, of course.

Anyway, my "civic duty" over for the day, I went into town to collect my stamp money... the Stamp Man called me on Friday to tell me that he would give me $100 for all my stamps... not great, but better than a kick in the teeth... turns out it wasn't the Double Thumbed Freak from last time, but someone who actually had a sense of humour, even if it wasn't a great one.

So with money in my pocket I headed over to Spotlight to get some more fabric for the backdrop for my baby photography studio... when I was doing the Expose Yourself post the other day I realised that I actually couldn't find one of the two piece of black fabric I use to make a backdrop... which is very bad... given that I only ever store them in one particular place (the top cupboards in my wardobe) and my apartment isn't large enough for them to get lost anywhere else)... so I decided I should probably buy a couple more pieces, that way I would actually have enough to make a solid wall across my living room.

But when I got to Spotlight... no luck... I couldn't find the right fabric anywhere... I must have looked at every single type of black fabric they had in the store, from fleecy to satin to cotton to faux fur to lyrca to velvet... but none of it was the fabric I was after. The only thing I can think is that they no longer stock it... which is bad... because it's very very good photographic backdrop material... it's light, it's matt black when you hang it and it looks okay creased. I even went next door to Lincraft to see if they had anything similar... still no joy...

I'm going to have to go in again sometime next week with a piece of the fabric and ask the staff in there if they still have it... and of course, I fully expect that asking the girls who work in Spotlight for technical fabric advice is going to be a bit like banging my head against a wall... it will be nice when it's over... But you never know...

If not, I'm just going to have to get some other kind of fabric.

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Sunshine Monday, March 20, 2006 8:35:00 am  

That Family First party is a real worry. They are gaining momentum and hold the balance of power somewhere (I think). Hope it'd suffer the fate of One Nation and implode one day.

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