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Remember last week when I sang my own praises... yeah, I was a Very Bad DM this week...

But first... it's Fringe time! Yay! And that'll have it's own posts, and I'll possibly dig in a little more later, but the word of the day was Audience Participation.

Rolling back to things earlier in the week.

Firstly I completely and totally forgot that last Tuesday was Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday until about 11pm... so no pancakes for me this week. I will however probably just make pancakes randomly one day next week because I'm an adult and can totally just have pancakes for lunch or dinner any day I like... provided I remember to buy lemon juice first, which I did not do today.

Thankfully after this week I potentially get to stop being a DM for at least parts of the next few weeks. I have promised to run something for a group next week, but otherwise I think I need to play for a while.

And not least of all because I ran the same game for two different groups and nearly killed a group of three players because I was running it too hard (in fact I did kill one character, a second one "killed himself" with a bad roll... again partly my fault for running it too hard... but I retconed that one) and then I ran it again with seven players and only afterwards did I realise I ran it way too easy.

I was also really surprised that a couple of the players reacted to what I thought was a really shitty and pointless "twist" in the story way more strongly than I expected them to. Shows what I know I guess.

I really need to play again though... and I have a new character I really want to debut (well, technically he's a character who has been banging around in my head for years and years now, but hasn't seen the light of day yet). My problem right now is two-fold... either playing adventures that I've already run or played and, more importantly, now that I've DM'd quite a bit, finding a DM I can actually put up with for any length of time. There are a few people I haven't had run for me as yet, but I have a relatively short amount of fuck to give when it comes to DMs of questionable quality...

As with every social activity I ever done, the problem is always Other People. But what are you gunna do.

So, yeah, three DnD games as usual this week, the Epic was today, but we had Fringe stuff and while I probably COULD have done both, I kinda didn't want to.

Friday I went into the city to have lunch with Owlgirl after her USA trip.... and lovely girl that she is, she brought me some swag back from Walt Disney World. It was good to see her though, even without the presents.

Today... as tends to happen once Fringe time rolls around... was a long day. A good day overall, but long.

We started with the usual shopping thing...  and is it just me or do everyone else usually end up just buying mostly the same stuff with no actual plan on what meal items to turn it into... no, just me then? Awesome.

Anyway, after shopping we had many hours to kill and nothing particular to do with them. So we went down the road to Big W and Target and wandered aimlessly.

I say aimlessly but I found a book that's been on my "to buy" list for a little while, Call Me By Your Name, mostly because the internet is currently losing it's shit over the movie adaptation that's just come out... is about to come out... one of those. And it was cheap, so double bonus.

Then I was killing time in Target while Ma was looking at clothes and happened to find a $6 clear phone case that actually had some protection on the corners and wasn't just a "style case" like all the others... and as much as I LOVE my Lego phone case, all the Lego logos rubbed off it years ago and a large number of the studs have actually been worn through completely... so it's seen better days.

It does feel weird having a smooth back to the phone though... I'm use to the studs and the general texture and, I'll be honest, knowing instantly which way up the phone is lying in my pocket. But this new clear one isn't bad, and I actually get to look at my phone for a change.

After that we headed back here, grabbed some food from the Village and killed a little time here before we headed into town for a bit of a wander and then the first Fringe show of the year.

Little did we know that Ma was going to take on a starring role... but more on that later.

In fact, in both the shows we saw today both Ma and I were picked for some kind of performer/audience interaction. Yes, it's because we like to sit in the very front row, but it was unexpected in both situations.

Between shows we grabbed some food on Rundle Street then headed off to Holden Street Theatre for the second show.

I will say that we haven't had as good a first night of Fringing for... a while.

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