fringe: attrape moi! (catch me!)

adelaide fringe: attrape moi! (catch me!)
Clearly there's something in the water up in Canada, given the number of of great circus and physical theatre acts they produce... and Atrappe Moi! (or Catch Me!) by Flip FabriQue is no exception.

In the middle of a rainstorm, a group of friends come together again after time apart and when the sun comes out, they start to play.

The friends in question are Sebastian Afonso, Bruno Gagnon, Jérémie Arsenault, Jade Dussault, Jonathan Julien and Yann LeBlanc (not all of whom are shown in the image on the right, but I couldn't find a shot of this current cast).

I swear I've seen both Bruno and Yann in something else... although I have no idea what or when.

They're all amazing acrobats and performers, putting a definite sense of fun and playfulness into the show. As is often the case, the way they make a lot of the tricks look incredibly simple and effortless hides the true power and skill they have.

The set is simple, a big rectangular box with some windows, but they make full use of the entire space with the help of some additional props including big red balls, hoops, sleeping bags, folding chairs and a trampoline.

Skipping to the end for a second, I think the trampoline routine that closes the show was my absolute favourite... the way they dive from the structure down onto the trampoline and then just step back into position as though they hadn't flung themselves into space is breathtaking to watch.

Both Dussault and Afonso perform amazing aerial acts, she with a hoop and him on straps, and the other performer who lifts them and controls the ropes is visible on stage the whole time which is something a little different from other acts.

Of the two, I think I liked Afonso's act a little more, just because there was more interaction with the rest of the cast (and it had a little bit of a story thanks to the music used), and I generally have a soft spot for silks and straps acts.

Arsenault and Gagnon do an amazing routine with diabolos... and more than a few of the tricks just seem to defy both gravity and understanding.

And the sequence where LeBlanc carries Dussault around a torchlit stage is masterfully done.

It's a fun, high energy show from a group of highly skilled performers.

yani's rating: 4 photo albums out of 5

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