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I nearly didn't bother with a post today...

But we'll get back to that.

This week was just hot... hot and blah and m'eh. And it also turned out to be a week in which I had to leave the house more than I usually would. So in addition to the three DnD games I also had Haircut Day and a chiro appointment.

Plus I think I was possibly having a mood this week... not sure if it was just a generalised mood or if it was the weather, or what (okay, I kind of know part of it, but let's not go there right now, it was definitely a mixture of things).

Of the three DnD games I ran this week, only one happened like I planned it... the other two none of the people I ran for the previous week bothered to show up, including three quarters of the Thursday group. Which is fine, it just means that if they come back next week, they're playing the third part of the trilogy without the middle part.

I also got told again that I'm a good DM, by a total rando on my table... but one of what I think of as "the high level DMs/players" was also on my table and complimented me on the fact that I can bring a table to order when necessary. So that felt pretty good. And I know that sounds like I'm blowing my own proverbial horn, but half the time I don't feel like I've got a good grip on the modules until I've run them at least once, and there are usually some random bit of rules minutia (or not even minutia to be honest) that I blank on, and there's at least three times in every adventure that I literally just make something up on the fly, whether that's the difficulty for something the players want to do, or just finding a way to stop everybody from getting too stupid and off the rails (it happens) without being an ass about it.

The double-edged sword is that I really, really want to play... I have so many characters who haven't even seen the light of day yet... but I really enjoying running games and I'm getting fussier about who I want to run games for me. Did I say this last week... I feel like I said this last week.

Okay, now that I've devolved into repeating myself...

Haircut Day was... well, it was Haircut Day... and Toner Day, since we only colour my hair every other time. It was pretty much the usual thing, although both the junior members of the household are now in school or preschool, so it was perhaps a little quieter than it has been.

And let's totally skim over the fact that I very nearly merged my car into the side of another car on the drive there... it never actually happened and it was only very nearly almost a close call.

Friday I would have spent entirely in the air-conditioned splendour of my apartment had it not been for the need to go and see my chiro (and I totally considered putting the appointment off until Monday)... and of course, much like Thursday's DnD game, it meant I had to go out during the hottest part of the afternoon, so much fun there *sarcastic face*.

Ma also called me yesterday to say she wasn't coming down today because her shoulder was playing up... not words I really wanted to hear... certainly not words I want to hear the week before Fringe. She spoke with her doctor again later in the day and it seems everything is not coming apart at the seams (she may just have some inflammation), and she's feeling better today, but seriously...

So today was real simple...

I went to the supermarket. I shopped. I came home. I unpacked. And I essentially did fuck all for the rest of the day.

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