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My week has been a little all over the place... quite like the weather to be honest, which can't make it's mind up between heat, sunshine, clouds, rain and wind.

Returning to the idea of actually cooking food during the week was a little strange, but pretty successful, I mean nothing was overly complicated but everything was successful.

Fun times ensued on Sunday though when my ear decided to do it's semi biannual blocking thing, so for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was basically deaf in one ear. I was also luckily enough to be able to sneak an appointment in at the ENT doctor on Thursday... but then on Wednesday it kind of unblocked itself in the middle of my game of DnD (which was weird).

But I still went along and was in and out within fifteen minutes, so at least I know my ears are not going to be a problem for a while again. Gross, but positive.

I also finally got around to doing my tax return this week... normally I try and knock it off around August, but for whatever reason I just never got around to it until the week before close off this time. And again, it took like five minutes to do, but at the same time for some reason one of my things had automatically been put in the wrong section, which freaked me out a little... but once I worked out what the issue was it was a simple fix. And I'm getting a good whack of money back... which is great, but that money then has to stretch until actual work happens again.

And, weirdly, without actually notifying anyone, the Powers That Be sent someone to come and paint the outside of all the window frames... I think this has been underway for a while. Well, the scaffolding has been up at the back for a few weeks now anyway, but it was only this week that anything actually really seemed to start happening. Again, good, but I ended up having to clean all the kitchen benches again because the dust and whatnot went everywhere when he removed the old paint. I'm assuming they're going to do the front of the block as well (it would be super weird if they were only doing the back part that nobody really sees), but I never thought to ask the painter.

I also went through the first process of Ma's 2018 calendar... interestingly because we really haven't gone anywhere or done anything for any number of reasons in the recent past, I used the shots from the Wonderwalls street art in Port Adelaide. I still need to give it a final once over to make sure it's all 100% correct, and go and get some more printer paper from Officeworks (I was thinking about doing that today, but I could always do it on Monday afternoon too). And then it's printing time.

Saturday was a big day... well, maybe not big exactly, but long.

We started with the usual supermarket shenanigans, which were both usual and average.

Then we headed off to IKEA since Ma hasn't been in almost a year, and I haven't been since the rental inspection before this most recent one. And they had their Christmas stuff out.

Now, we really don't need more wrapping paper... but they had really cute wrapping paper... we bought a bunch of wrapping paper. And a bunch of other things, some of which are useful and helpful, some of which can only be explained by the mind control gas they pump through the ventilation. We also recycled over a year's worth of batteries, which was definitely a thing.

After that we swung around to Arndale to try and make some kind of start on Christmas shopping... and didn't really get anywhere great, but we did stop and have a Boost Juice and sit down and talk about who and what and where regarding presents for people. We possibly would have given up there had it been a normal day, but we had more time to fill, so we ended up heading into the city, to actually start buying presents. And by presents I mean little bits and pieces that will add up to a present's worth eventually.

But it's still a start.

By that point, having walked all the way around IKEA, all the way around Arndale and from one end of the Mall to the other, we were pretty exhausted, so we headed back to my place. We also had a play to go and see, so we killed some time here, then went and had dinner at the Seven Stars in the city, just down the street from The Bakehouse.

And, very, very weirdly, we sat next to a woman who turned out to be someone I worked in the same office with (but not actually with, if memory serves), about... 15 years ago. And she remembered me. As soon as I actually paid attention to her I recognised the face and voice, but honestly I couldn't tell you a single thing beyond that. She seemed to remember me fairly well though and said nice things... or she didn't remember me at all and was just saying generic nice things. Either is equally possible and likely.

By the time I got home I couldn't even be bothered doing anything, so crashed out and went to bed (well, played around on my phone until Ma messaged me to say she was home safe... then I crashed).

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