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This week was primarily concerned with cleaning and my rental inspection.

Thankfully I was able to split the cleaning across three days, doubly helpful because I started feeling a little flu-y and gross on Sunday night. Thankfully a dose of cold and flu tablets had me back to mostly feeling like a human being again by about Wednesday.

Like I said, I split the cleaning across three days... general tidying on Sunday, kitchen/stove and Monday and floors/bathroom on Tuesday... mostly because I was out of the house during the day on Wednesday, but it worked out pretty well.

Even thought the weather wasn't especially helpful, being way too warm for this early in October. But it did mean that the floors dried pretty damn quickly on Tuesday, so that was a plus.

Unfortunately the heat also meant that even though I'd made quiche to last me all week, I really just wasn't in the mood on Tuesday or Wednesday. I also made the largest quiche I've ever made, using the roasting pan I bought for last Christmas and a full half dozen eggs.

This week I've decided to go back to people food... or at least try actually cooking during the week, which will be something of a novelty.

Going back to earlier this week, when Thursday rolled around I moved my chiro appointment from Friday afternoon to Thursday morning so that I could be out of the house during the inspection, then headed down to Marion and ended up going to the movies. It was a good way to kill the time, which I'm sure I could have done just by wandering aimlessly, but at least this way I actually had something keeping my attention.

I've said it a number of times before, but the best thing about having to do a totally bonkers cleaning job for a rental inspection is that once the inspection is done, you come home to a totally clean and tidy house and you don't have to worry about it even a little. So nice.

Today wasn't really much of anything... we did the supermarket thing, came back, I tidied up my fridge (because that's the one bit I didn't need to do for the inspection), put everything away and then we headed into town. With no real destination in mind to be honest. And really we just wandered up and down the Mall a bit and then pretty much called it a day.

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