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One of the many downsides to not working is that a) you never remember that public holidays are coming up and b) they don't really mean anything to you when they do arrive.

This was how I greeted the public holiday at the beginning of this week.

Oh, I also made soup again this week, although this was the least interesting and most lackluster version I've managed in a while. I also think that it's coming to the end of soup season, which may also mean that I need to return to making actual food on a daily basis instead, which is... less advantageous.

Anyway, back to the public holiday. Because Monday is usually DnD night, but the place we usually do it was closed, we ended up doing it during the day. And basically most of the day. Well, 11am until about 4pm... and I only really got my ass into gear at about 10am, so basically most of the day.

I was surprised by the sheer number of people taking up space in town though. What the hell are you all doing, go home and be not here or something. I ended up having to park further away than I would have liked, but still made it there in time.

The rest of the week was more or less the same as usual (although the stretch between DnD on Monday and DnD on Wednesday seemed much longer for some reason, given it was only a few hours difference.

Otherwise, blah blah blah, same old same old.

Today was... well I can't really say atypical given that "typical" has been given a radical makeover in the last year, but Ma had her haircut scheduled for today, so I went shopping on my own. Which also meant that I really didn't get my shit together in a timely fashion, but still made it home and unpacked everything before Ma arrived.

Also, as a possible transition between soup and real food, I'm attempting to make lasagna this week. I say attempt because I'm somewhat winging it unless there's a useful recipe on the side of the noodle boxes, but we'll see what happens.

When Ma arrived, we headed into the city, primarily to drop some old books off at Oxfam. Now, I'd thought about that earlier this week and something in the back of my brain whispered something about their annual book sale, but I never got around to looking it up, essentially figuring "what are the odds", both that Ma would remember to bring her books down and that this weekend would actually be the booksale.

Yes, this weekend was the booksale.

On the upside, we were still able to drop the books off, and we dropped off a lot more than we bought, so it was a net win for both of us. We also noticed that the place that used to be Flinders Street Markets still has a market going on on a Saturday, so since we were so close, we stopped in briefly for a look.

Much the same as before to be honest, although maybe a little less packed. But definitely the same flavour.

From there we found a new carpark closer to the Mall... or tried to, we ended up having park in the same place I parked on Monday. So slightly more of a walk.

We had a bit of a wander, Ma bought some stuff and we called it a day. Nothing incredibly exciting, but better than the alternatives.

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