photo saturday: wonderwalls 2017

wonderwalls 2017 - violet (detail), amanda lynnwonderwalls 2017 - blue woman, zedr_one
I was supposed to do stuff this week... but nothing really happened.

I do fully acknowledge that my problem is one of (and I swear there's a word that describes it, but everything I keep thinking of terms out to mean something else entirely) my default state being to continue in the current direction... when I'm working, I keep doing that, when I'm not working, I find ways to fill my days and keep doing that as well. In essence it's a lack of motivation but I feel like there's a fancier sciencey term for it.

Anyway, that's my main issue just generally in life really.

On a somewhat related note, the beard continues... it's still a fairly shitty beard, but it'll do for now.

wonderwalls 2017 - sushifish (detail), fuzeillear aka claire matthewswonderwalls 2017 - secrets of the deep (detail), j2ske
As may be obvious to anyone who follows me on Instagram, the photos in this post are from the 2017 Port Adelaide Wonderwalls street art exhibition that was on from 21-23 April this year... also known as The Weekend After I Became Unemployed... so the combination of that and the whole deal with Ma's shoulder means that we skipped it this year.

But I still wanted to go down and take photos of everything, so I headed down there on Tuesday morning, parked the car and wandered from one end of Port Adelaide to the other with the aid of the Wonderwalls map/program.

Given the quality of said map, I didn't manage to find everything, but I found a lot of pieces... none of them were quite as enormous and impressive as a couple of the really big pieces from last time, but it's nice to see that post of those old pieces are still around.

I spent a couple of hours wandering around, took a lot of decent photos and had some lunch at a so-so bakery, then headed home. It was nice to be out and about, and it was nice to be actually taking photos and seeing stuff.

wonderwalls 2017 - blocks, sgtheartistwonderwalls 2017 - octoborough (detail), masika 126 aka craig masika
The rest of the week was a little bit of nothing much really.

Oh... I made a pretty decent pea and bacon soup this week, if I remember next time I may get some ham steaks to use as the "in soup meat"... the fried bacon that I added back in after everything was blended was good, but a little tough at time.

This week I'm going with a potato and leek soup... possibly with a bunch of parmesan cheese mixed in.

I also used some leftover taco meat on a pizza this week... it wasn't bad, but I only ate half of what I'd made and didn't bother keeping the other half as I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have reheated particularly well. Had there been less of the meat and maybe more other stuff it may have been better, but it was essentially just meat and cheese, so it was a bit much.

wonderwalls 2017 - very 80's detail, jake holmes and joshua searsonwonderwalls 2017 - knight in shining armor (detail), telmo miel
Today was essentially a cookie cutter version of most of the recent weeks.

I got up and kept to my own timetable this morning (as in I aim for a time and miss it, sometimes by a little, sometimes by a country mile)... did the usual shopping thing, actually seemed to have bought a lot of stuff, but I don't really know how or why, as it all seemed to just disappear when I got back here and unpacked everything.

Then it was off up the road to Ma's place, podcast wedged firmly in one ear. And we did the same thing as usual, heading off to the shopping centre to wander around and pick up a few bits and pieces.

The main thing we were looking for was a present for Baby P's (Princess T's daughter) birthday present. And because we like the classics, we went with a pewter money box, hippo shaped and quite cute looking.

wonderwalls 2017 - sam brooks in the style of john william godwardwonderwalls 2017 - skull, trvisualarts aka thomas readett
I don't seem to have ever blogged about it, but way back in 2013 I arranged with a local gay men's art group to go and pose for them as an artist's model... you know, all naked and whatnot.

It was something I kind of wanted to do before I turned 40 the following year, it was a pleasant afternoon spent laying around naked while people drew me. Granted only a couple of them, it was one of those "whoever turns up turns up" groups, and a little like this weekend, it was also Mother's Day, so possibly that kept the numbers down.

And last Saturday night the guy in charge of the group messaged me to see if I was perhaps available for this Sunday... I'm guessing they must have had a cancellation and he was trolling through his phone looking for any other potentials... and he found me and I said yes.

I mean it's not like I had any major plans for tomorrow afternoon... and really, why the fuck not.

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